Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the
January 2013 installment of our monthly international blog party

International Blog Party

where our invited group members discuss the same topic, but from their own perspective.
each month we choose a topic, sometimes fun & fashionable, sometimes poignant, 
always interesting.
this month's topic has been a difficult one to wrap my arms around...
you see, even if I choose the topic it doesn't mean I already know what I'm going to write about.
that's the unique challenge for the membership isn't it?

January's topic

"What's Wrong With the World?"
"What's Right With the World?"

so there you are, it's both
thought provoking & creative.

& who knows, maybe we'll solve all of the world's problems today, women of the world that we are,
undaunted by boundaries, connected by our virtual friendships which are as real as any
other friendship.

 What's Wrong With the World?

I've heard it's so much easier for the human mind to embrace bad news
than good news, and this goes back to our primal instincts & I quote,

""The amygdala is the part of the temporal lobe responsible for primal emotions like rage, hate, and fear. It's our early warning system, an organ always on high alert, whose job is to find anything in our environment that could threaten survival. So potent is the amygdala's response to potential threats that once turned on, it's almost impossible to shut off, and this is a problem in the modern world."

and this was news to me too.  
I just thought the media focused on the bad news.
anyway, the wrongs include:

people are uninvolved, universally
for a better thought-out take on this, please go here
written by my friend Marc Ensign

trophy hunting should be banned, universally

 the majority of the world's ills could be cured with education, universally.

bring back good manners !

What's Right With the World?

Downton Abbey

Welcome Back, Downton Abbey! We Analyze the Fashion in the First Episode

goodness, heavens, wasn't that brilliant last night?
I absolutely hate Shirley McLaine's character, her vulgarity, table manners or lack thereof,
but her acting is simply splendid, isn't it?
& Maggie Smith?   Perfection.  & she has the BEST lines of all.

what on Earth will save Downton?
will they discover oil?

breakthrough medical advances which have improved the condition of all mankind
this happens world-wide and the sharing of information by the researchers, doctors,
hospitals, etc. is truly amazing. living in Houston, where we have the Texas Medical Center,
gives me huge awareness of the importance of these endeavors.
often on our local news they interview the chiefs of these facilities and we are told
about before unheard of accomplishments.


the sharing of information, via the web,
phones, smoke signals, etc.
a need inside ourselves to be attached,
not to be alone.

our ability to travel fairly effortlessly
if I had to choose between living in a big, lavish home or travelling,
travel would win.  I cannot imagine not knowing about other parts
of our world, seeing other cultures and enjoying the beauty of our planet.
take my word for it, save every penny for travel, you won't regret it.


 Le Procope, Quartier Latin, Paris  
 | by © Rita Crane Photography

children who know how to behave properly.
(thank you, parents)

I could go on & on about what's wrong & what's right, but really it all comes
down to our own personal involvement, doesn't it?

I've travelled quite a lot and I've found most people's interests,
universally, are for the love & protection of their families & communities.

Each of our members who have contributed today will be found below,
please just click on their icon and go over for a look on their thoughts
of what's wrong & what's right.
I hope you were briefly entertained by my philosophical & witty thoughts.



  1. Hello dear Marsha! Not an easy theme this month! But challenges are not a bad thing are they? ;) My first reaction was "Who am I to say?" but really appreciate that yes, ideas and discussion help not hinder.
    Bisous from Provence,

  2. Thought provoking and lovely. I am so on board with your thoughts Marsha. Cheers to manners, empathy, kindness and education. Knowledge really is power. Thank you for this message, sorry I could not participate,busy day hence why I am here so early! ...next month for sure!

  3. Hello Marsha

    You say so beautifully what I feel about the world. There is so much that is good. I wish to see less idolatry of sport's stars, rock stars, polititians and supposed leaders.
    Helen xx

  4. What a beautiful way to start our 2013 'By Invitation' posts Marsha and your thoughts on the subject are wonderful.
    Let's hope that this year, the world will be an even more beautiful place. XXXX

  5. Very well said, Marsha! Thoughtful and at the same time uplifting.
    Despite all the "wrongs" the world is still wonderful, it is the only one we have!

    I'm afraid - my post to this issue is rather long, too many things, positive and negative, went through my mind :)

  6. Lovely post for a new year - I'm so glad I came over for a peek. I believe there is more good than bad in the world, but if I could add one thing, I would like to see women treated as human beings in all parts of the world.

  7. Thank you Marsha, for always making us think...a rather tough topic this month. I share your view on life, travel, friendship and above all honesty.
    I was glued to the screen on Sunday...what a beautiful bride...but a little tied up to her class and wealth, don't you think?

  8. I love your picture choice. could you tell me about the one with the grey top, grey fur hat and red lipstick?

  9. Beautiful post, Marsha! Obviously you are feeling better…at least I hope so! Love reading all of the posts by the Invitation Only bloggers…always inspiring and thought provoking.

  10. Hello Marsha, a thought provoking theme to be sure. I think these is so much good in the world but sadly it is overshadowded by all of the violence world wide, inane TV shoes like The KArdashians, Housewives and so many more. We need to return to quality in our lives, manners, education, culture.

    Thanks for hosting, Elizabeth

  11. I would like to say a big thank you for your beautiful web page and the Music is so nice,I live in a small Country Town in Queensland Australia on my own and your page is just a wonderful way to start 2013,thank you again.Love Fran XX

  12. Wonderful wonderful post that I enjoyed so much and will head over to read the others too. My only resolution this 2013 is "to always have lollipops".
    (a new follower) xo

  13. Dearest Marsha and all the girls at By Invitation Only,
    I don't expect anyone to forgive me this time for not attending the party this week.

    No excuses, except ... that it has been a horrible and hectic week here in Australia. Fires, incredibly hot days and very hot nights and warnings from the Government to pack our cars with our valuable, just incase a fire cames too close to our homes. We are next to the bush.

    Also ... I'm on deadline with Magazine No.2 ... and it's Summer holidays here in Oz and family are visiting us in the country as well, and we all know what that means, meals, shopping and late nights.
    I'm a bit of a wreck this morning, I have been working since 4am already today on the magazine and all I want are my soft pillows to lay my head down.
    So sorry again ... sending love you all, especially you Marsha xxx Coty


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