Monday, February 4, 2013

"By Invitation Only" an International Group of Women Bloggers Sharing Their Own Point of View

International Blog Party

February, 2013

our topic is


what inspires us?

& who (other than our husbands & children) has inspired us the most?

As I was searching for the proper photograph 
to place in this post,
searching for a long time, I might add...
suddenly, there it was !

& so, my friends, today you might say this extravagantly 
done-up woman has been my inspiration
to explain to you where my inspiration comes from,
or rather, from where my inspiration comes.

Recently Vicki Archer wrote a post about surrounding herself
with beauty; this year she will focus on what she believes
to be beautiful, in every meaning of the word.

She inspired me with her post.

We all love beautiful things, don't we?
But, I don't think that's what she meant exactly.
To me, there is beauty in so very much of our lives, sometimes
beauty we overlook if we don't take time to notice.

I am inspired by the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the blue ocean of
the Pacific Northwest.  The power, the awesomeness, the ever changing
waves washing ashore.  I think I can dream deeply and feel deeply
when in these locations.  In fact, I think there is a book in me, however,
it is only when I'm here that I think this way.

And flowers.
I look at flowers and always see something inside which
amazes me.
I only wish I could create something as beautifully perfect
as every flower already is.

The sunlight shining through the trees inspires me, sometimes
it inspires me to be a better person, sometimes it wakes me up
and tells me to get on with it, but it is truly inspirational.
Like the light.
Always, the light.

Inspiration comes from photographs, the millions we can
access online, via Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.
All of us know this.

for example, what do you think when you see this stairway?

& music.
Always music.
But, not all music, just the genre of music I know & love,
the classic symphonies, never ever opera, not country,
love pop, like rock,
& I expose myself to all of it.
Each of you hear the music I'm listening to right now,
it's playing.

The amazing women I've come to know via our blogs inspire me
everyday.  Yvonne Pratt @ StoneGable, Heather @ Lost in Arles,
Tish @ Une Femme d'un a Certain Age,
Sandra @ ThistleCove Farm
Trish @ Trouvais & Coty @ Coty Farquhar Designs.
Shari @ LittleBlueDeer.
& Vicki, because she has the most elegant way of writing,
the content of her blog & her books inspire women all over
the world.

I have been made a better person because of all of you.
Each of you, in your own special way, bring the best of yourself
to your blog.  I know how much time and thought this takes.

Creating posts that are insightful, beautiful, witty, current,
interesting, informative & entertaining is a huge project
 I undertake almost every day.
Sometimes it comes in a flash.
Sometimes not.
My inspiration is the desire for you to read it and smile.

Inspiration in my jewelry business comes with the
certainty that I am only satisfied with the best.

Once a very special friend asked me to create a necklace
representing the wines of France.
The wines of France?
Well, there are yellow ones, rose ones, burgundy ones,
white ones, there are sparkling ones and very heavy ones.

Then I thought, Mother Nature doesn't make any
mistakes.  I put every gemstone and semi-precious gemstone
on a piece of glass, pushed them all around and, suddenly, I realized
how beautiful they all looked together.

So I made the necklace and it was beautiful and my client
almost died with gratitude.
He inspired me to be the best I could be.

& then there was my grandmother, Mom-Mom,
the most inspirational person in my life.

I've written about her, as a fictional character, in blog posts
in the past, always referring to her as Mom-Mom,
those posts were the most widely read ones.

She was like an Auntie Mame, an Elizabeth Taylor,
an Eleanor Roosevelt...
she knew EVERYTHING.
Seriously, she knew everything I was interested in knowing.
She taught all of us manners, deportment, the strength to
always be composed no matter what, to sit straight in a chair,
and how to read the newspaper and understand different points
of view. She also taught me how to have conversations with
anyone, to learn about everything, to never be bored,
and to always leave a good ripple.

She invited strangers home to dinner,
thankfully, they didn't come.

She took me to the ballet.

And, when I got married she taught me, by telephone, how to cook.

She made birthday cakes with money inside them.

She taught me the difference between fine porcelain
and everyday dishes.

She also taught me to laugh out loud at silly things.

She inspired me to get a degree in Art History though I
was not an artist. 
She painted her home whenever the mood struck her, 
and never cared what anyone thought about the most recent color.

She bought Christmas gifts for everyone all through the year,
and made a huge, big deal about Christmas dinner with the entire
family at her table.

She is my angel now.  
She told me she would be.
 I know she is there,
in the light, in the ocean, in the flowers, in the music, 
and in all the details I am obsessed with.
Or rather, in all the details with which I am obsessed.

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also visit the other members who are participating today,
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  1. Beautiful Marsha... and so heartfelt... You are now an inspiration... xv

  2. A stunning post, as always Marsha...I love your story about the necklace you made for your beautiful.
    Your Grandmothers sounds a wonderful inspiration.
    Have a fabulous week.

  3. I agree with Vicki, with this post you inspire- for me personally to pause and notice more, the beauty in all around me. Thank you once again for hosting this event. With love - Colette

  4. Yes, I also agree with Vicki--is there anyone who doesn't, in general ;)?--you have passed on the torch so beautifully. I was especially moved by your speaking of Mom-Mom and how she has stayed with you to this day. That is inspiring, absolutely.

    Gros Bisous to you, wonderful lady...

  5. Hello Marsha

    A beautiful tribute to your Mom Mom (grandmother) and to all your writers.

    I love the thought of that special necklace. I am dreaming

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. A deep thought provoking post straight from your always. Thanks for sharing. XO, Mona

  7. Such a beautiful post Marsha! Yes, Mother Nature is Perfect in everyday.
    I can just imagine what your grandmother was like, as beautiful as you.
    xxx Coty

  8. Your desire to inspire happens every time that I visit!
    I too, am learning from your Mom,Mom. How sweet of you to share your Angel, Marsha.

  9. As our leader you have excelled yourself with such a beautiful and, in itself, such an inspirational post. Wha is all around us is just so inspirational ....... such beautiful images and wonderful words Marsha. XXXX

  10. Just lovely! You have an amazing sense of style: my preference for Roses & this wonderful stairway!
    Ciao baci da Roma - Eleonora

  11. Marsha, your generosity and abundant spirit inspire me.

  12. Beautifully said. I am inspired to create today-thank you.
    xo, Lissy

  13. Marsha, I discovered you today through Vicki's blog and feel so fortunate to have done so. Your inspirational reflections of you grandmother moved me to tears, but your grammar corrections made me smile and recall my great aunt, whose most memorable contribution to my grammatical education was, when she me caught ending a question with "at", her answer to me was always "between the a and the t."

    1. Katie, I am so honored to have your comment, such a lovely one for a first-time visitor. It will be cherished.

  14. Just found your blog today and wow it's awesome thanks for the inspiration. Noelle

    1. Noelle, welcome to our wonderful world !
      So happy to meet you and look forward to sharing more with you.

  15. Love you blog. What is the name of the beautiful piano music playing? The first song when the blog starts. Dawn

    1. The music is Isaac Shepherd "Breathless."
      All of his music is beautiful. You can listen to him on YouTube.
      Thank you for the lovely comment.

  16. Marsha, I was in tears while reading about your MOM MOM.... I loved what you inherited from her spirit... I too, was been blessed with a few special people in my life and I know I live each day with what I absorbed from them. I treasure them and I know you do yours!
    Thankyou for the time... love ... and reflection you put forth in this beautiful piece...

    1. Oh, dear Gail, this is such a moving comment.
      Thank you.

  17. Marsha,dear.....!:-)))*

    I know,I know agin and again why I'am SO inspired by you.........
    You give me feeling that everything can even enjoy a smallest things in life,just every day!
    I do enjoy your post so much,thank you!!!
    Such amazing memorable,beautiful story about your Mom-Mom....Thankfully,she is always with you;-)))*

    My warmest thoughts and hugs to you,

    Almost forgotten: the first one image stolen my heart:-)))* SO beautiful!

    1. Violetta, we may be the only ones who think as we do, but I cannot change & neither can you. Our unique way of creating beautiful things for others to enjoy gives both of us so much pleasure. And, I knew you would love the image! I may make it my wallpaper on my computer. :)'s

    2. Oh YES! That's really true,Marsha:))) you said so good,my feta friend!!!

  18. Marsha, reading about your Grandmother has made me wonder AGAIN, why God has seen fit to not bless me with grandchildren. I would love to share so much with them. My heart is heavy, not having them and knowing I will not. You always inspire, no matter your topic. Your love of all things beautiful makes me smile whenever I visit, which I try to do all the time. I do love this By Invitation Only feature you are doing. XO, Pinky

  19. Dearest, dearest Marsha,

    What can one say? Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you. . . for inspiring love, kindness and joy in your every word and gesture.

    How lucky we are to know you, to call you a friend.

    Love to you,

  20. Marsha. I am back in business, needed a new keyboard, it was worth the chaos of the apple store:) Such a beautiful and poignant post. I almost got chills reading that you call your grandmother mom mom!! me too!! My beloved grandmother who was someone I so admire, that I get teary eyed just thinking of her.....its a special name for special grandmothers:) I grew up speaking to her in her broken English (she was French) and my mom mom grew up speaking French, and she always from the time that I can remember being curious about such things, imparted so much wisdom and life experience on me. Her spirit will forever be with me and the older I get the more I aspire to be just like her. I loved this in more ways than I can count!
    I promise to be on board rearing to go next month:)

  21. Inspiring Kindness, Charm, Optimism, Grace, Elegance, Humor and Strength are just some of the many gifts you have been given. You are truly blessed.

  22. Thank you for your beautiful words. I almost did not make it this time, but after reading your post this morning, I told myself, better late, but I must must contribute to this truly very special topic. A few more things to do in the office, a late dinner and then looking forward to a quiet moment reading everyone's thoughts.

  23. Thank you for your inspirational blog. I have been blessed with four beautiful grandchildren and hope to inspire and love them intensely, every day of my life. What a wonderful legacy to leave for those we love. Thank you, Linnie

  24. Oh Marsha the last bit made me teary...what an amazing woman to have had in your life, you are so fortunate.

    A beautiful post ... I'm a big believer in enjoying the little things too.

  25. Absolutely gorgeous post Marsha I love your heartfelt words on Mom-Mom an inspirational woman. I agree with you on Heather's blog she amazes me with her writing and beautiful content a very creative soul and Vicki is wonderful I can vouch for that having worked together on the books. Such a lovely blog collaboration am enjoying the themes xxCarla

  26. A beautifully written post Marsha, how lucky to have such a strong inspirational figure in your life. Thank you for your message, I adore your vsits. Much love. Paul

  27. Finally, I get to comment!! Wow, what a great post dear friend!!Love the Mom Mom inspiration... wonderfully portrayed by you Marsha. I was brought up my my Gran and she was also a grand lady! Reading your post made me miss her all over again but it also made me revisit all my wonderful memories that I have to treasure for ever!

    Glad to be back here and I am hoping to spend some time catching up on all your glam posts!

    Thank you for having us all!!!

    Much Love


  28. Marsha, easily the most inspirational post I've read in a while, thank you! As to the stair case...beautiful photography as are the other photos. What inspires me? God, a daily He breaths enthusiasm into me.

  29. Marsha

    Your posts are an inspiration to us all. I loved this one so lovely and hearfelt...

  30. Glamorous - interesting - thoughtful - and touching! What could be more inspiring!
    Simply wonderful!
    And YOU, dear Marsha, are the One who gave us all the INSPIRATION, an inspiration to meet each other monthly via the blogworld! A great Thank YOU!
    And thank you also so much for your lovely comment!
    xoxo, karin

    Sorry for my late comment but we were - and still are - cut off from electricity and internet here and there during the last few days.....rural countryside!

  31. Hello Marsha!
    I just found your blog yesterday and this is my first time to comment here..This is such a wonderful blog, very inspiring.

    I´m touched by the story about your Mom Mom. You are one lucky lady. I never got the chance to really enjoy my grandma because our family lived far away from her... We always enjoyed the time when she visited us. Thank you so much for rekindling those memories...


  32. Marsha, This is such a gorgeous post, just like you.
    Memories are so important..
    be happy, yvonne

  33. What a beautiful and INSPIRING post! I would have loved your Mom Mom, hope I can be that to my little ones! As always, you inspire me.

  34. Good morning. I'm visiting for the first time and so glad I did! Love this post. I think we all sometimes taken our sources of inspiration for granted as we go about our day. It is important to take a second to really taken in those things that make our life so mug richer. Look forward to reading more.

  35. Wonderful Post, I love meting new bloggers through you as well! Inspirational indeed!!
    xo Karolyn

  36. So inspiring you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you beautiful Marsha for your magic - you bring inspiration to every post - Fxx

  37. Such a most beautiful post Marsha!how lucky to have such a great inspirational picture in your life. Thank you for your message, I adore your visits.The Equation

  38. It's exactly why I read blogs like yours and Vicky's because they inspire in so many ways. They point me in directions that are new and enlightening to see beauty in the world around, in photos, thru lovely posts from blogs. Inspiration is a composite of so many ideas. Thanks for sharing your point of view on this subject.

  39. Marsha! Thank you for being you and for your lovely inspiration!! This blog was very candid and touching! Looking forward to seeing more from all and being included! xoxo Daria


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