Monday, March 4, 2013

To Dream the Impossible Dream - By Invitation Only March 2013 Chapter

International Blog Party

our subject this month was to share something we've always wanted to do, 
but have never know, like sky-diving.

or switch places with someone for a day.

 the brilliant Virginia, of the blog GLAMOUR DROPS,
which you will find HERE,
has become our newest member of
"By Invitation Only"

she writes with wit & charm and has a design & architectural firm in Melbourne.

Virginia, we welcome you !!

above, the scene in Houston's neighborhoods right this very minute...

so why, you ask, would I have an impossible dream
to have a home in Sorrento, Italy ?
something I've always wanted but, of course, know it is impossible.

like walking a baby zebra into Neiman-Marcus isn't it?

& no mistake, I am definitely a Texan, I love where I live, and we live a big life.

but when you realize this is the bluest, clearest water, the most passionate people,
the gentle climate, the creativity that comes from this area of the world, & when you
look at these photos you will understand a little better....

so the impossible dream is interspersed as often as possible with visits to this beautiful place.

& within the next few days I'm going to do another post on the Amalfi Coast of Italy,
some of them in the past are the most-read of my posts.

now, if I could change places with anyone for a day...?

would it be Madonna because of her sheer audacity & the fact that she reached the top
because she wouldn't give up?  I quite admire these traits because I have never
been able to just push my way to victory. therefore, maybe I missed something.

or would it be Carmen Dell’Orefice (born June 3, 1931)  
who is 82 years old. She is the oldest model in the world modeling for the last 66 years, 
placing herself in the Guinness Book of World Records.  
Carmen Dell’Orefice (born June 3, 1931) is 80 years old. She is the oldest model in the world modeling for the last 66 years, placing herself in the Guinness Book of World Records. Kudos to this beautiful woman!

smart is hot
or maybe Meryl Streep, who has the most understated manner about her,
yet is our greatest actress?  wouldn't it be crazy to sit through getting all
made up as Margaret Thatcher or wearing spandex, lycra & platforms for Mamma Mia?

Richard Branson

or just to spend one day right beside him, to understand his great intelligence and his charming
way of making billions, while still giving back so much to the arts & sciences.

or maybe, best of all, going back to being 27 best year actually.
but to have the knowledge, instincts, patience, awareness I have now?

please go visit as many of our membership participants as 
you can...goodness knows what they will have in store for us.

most will be linked in below.

& if you're not following, please join me as a new friend, and see what fun we have
going forward into Spring



  1. Une publication très agréable à lire et je reste admirative devant l'ensemble de vos photos...
    Dans 15 jours je serai en Italie et je penserai à vous !
    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. Okay, right now I want to be Alison who will be in Italy in 15 days. I did learn how to make risotto...a beginning of sorts. Cherry Kay

  3. Love this! Sorrento Italy sounds like a dream indeed...can you imagine getting to live there!! I love your choices of Carmen, Meryl and Richard...all fascinating people to me too, hey it all starts with a dream right Marsha?

  4. Hi Marsha ... is it impossible to live your dream... ? I don't know the our age difference..I think perhaps we might be similiar...( but does it really matter?) ...but I too have a dream is not Italy is France ..maybe St Remy de Provence or it's day I will live there..I hope to buy a house but if that does not happen I will rent and live like I have dreamt of for a very long is not impossibe to live your dream...I wont give it up day i will just do it... xx

  5. We share some of the same dreams...I actually met Richard Branson once, who walked into my showroom and proceeded to negotiate me on an antique french blood ran cold in my veins, I stuttered...telling him that he was the man I most admire in the world, his fearless attitude in business, traversing the world on a balloon, and being so severely dyslexic. When my son would be down (having to deal with severe dyslexia) I would always refer to richard branson as nothing ever stop him. Now to be 27 again and meet his gorgious son.....
    Please get the house in Sorento, i promise to be a great house guest! So sorry to miss out on our club to day, but totally did not see your email...nest time, I promise.F.

  6. I'm up and out early today, be back this afternoon to respond to all comments, and comment on all other posts. Long live our dreams, our thoughts and our love of life!

  7. Sorrento looks so beautiful; I can certainly understand why you'd want to have a home there! I think I may need to add a baby zebra to my list...adorable!

  8. Now that would be fun....switching lives for one day.....

  9. Oh, Marsha...this is wonderful....the Amalfi Coast is our favourite...we were in Sorrento only the other other year and we're off to Positano in June...can't wait ;-)
    I'm so sorry to have missed this post....I've had computer problems, up and running now...fingers crossed!
    I'll pop by and read the others.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Oh dear, of course I didn't quite stick to the theme, dear Marsha--why is it that I can never make that happen? ;) But I loved all of your wonderful answers--oh the joy in all of it! It says much about your zest for living...

    Lots of Love to you from a rainy Provence but me happy with my (two!) puppers keeping my feet warm,

  11. Lovely, dreaming and enchanting, dear Marsha!
    I'll join you on trip to Italy, the Amalfi coast in particular!
    And as I've met Richard B. in person, was sitting next to him at a diner,talked to him....I certainly understand your admiration for him. He's just such a character and full of life!
    Lovely post, my Dear!
    Looking forward to your post about Italy.....
    Bisou, karin

  12. Oh, I've never been to Italy though soooooo close so many times! Gorgeous photos and lovely inspirational figures. (Streep... so amazing. And I want those glasses!)

    What fun this feature is, Marsha...

    Un véritable plaisir.

    1. What a wonderful post looking into your soul Marsha...I love your dreams:)
      Dreams are what keep us focused and moving ahead in our lives.

      This is such a great blog feature.....Im happy to have read it:)

      A Lifestyle Blog where Fashion, Decor & Cooking “Connect”

  13. Amalfi e tutta la costa amalfitana sono un paradiso! Brava Marsha!
    the oldest model in the world is very beautiful... I would like be like her over 65!
    Ciao un bacio

    1. Eleonora, I almost said I wished I could be YOU for one day !
      Ciao un bacio

  14. Really Marsha's dreams....!:-)*

    Such amazing,touched me post!
    It's so beautiful:-)))*

    Oh,I want go to look by all members of By Invitation only....

    Thank you so very much for giving me delight feeling today!

    Much love,

    1. Violetta, you already live a dream life, my love.

  15. Dear Marsha,
    So sorry that I'm late to comment ........ put my post up early as I was out all day today and have only just got in ( 11.30pm !! )
    I am so with you on Sorrento of our favourite holidays .....the Amalfi coast and Sorrento.
    .... and, Carmen Dell'Orefice ........ what a beautiful woman.
    This was such a good idea for the BIO post this month. I'm off to read everyone elses dreams and fantasies !! XXXX

  16. Thank you so much for the warmly wonderful welcome Marsha! I had a lot of fun doing my post. Ah, Sorrento....well I can completely understand why you are bewitched by such a magical time-stands-still place. So very captivating in its love of the simple and the beautiful, something which it has itself in spades. You have chosen interesting achievers - all of the understated, just get it done, variety. xx

  17. What a fun post Marsha, sorry I'm a bit late, I have been running around Australia with my long legs and loving every minute of it!

    Oh to look like Carmen Dell’Orefice WOW I love her.

    xxx Coty

    1. That Carmen, isn't she just simply splendid !!

  18. yes''Carmen'' emm bautiful sitting down eating my chocolate flake ok flake's hoping that
    ''chocolate'' is her secrete to real beauti....
    thanks Marsha xxx

  19. Gorgeous post and images. The image with the orange trees looks like it was taken just near my home in Seville, Spain; I'm sure it is ;-)

  20. Dearest Marsha

    I do love your posts on Sorrento and yes, I can definately see the appeal! I have trudged down some of those alleyways and sipped Limoncello in the shade of a lemon tree observing the charming and passionate people who are just a delight and a treat a minute!! I must get back there and visit again!

    Love Carmen, how utterly chic she always looks
    ! You have gathered my favourite people together. Sir Richard is over here at the moment to ride the Cape Argus Cycle Tour! Hope I can sneek a pic!

    Sending love



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