Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where Does This Go?

the steps look like they were abandoned a long time ago,
but look at the rows of tulips...well tended & loved.

so they had to go to or come from some place wonderful, I thought.

maybe to a setting like this one below...

people relaxing and having fun in a very casual way, unpretentiousness,
where time has stood still for a long time.

& then I imagined the living room of this cozy home,
a mix of things they loved, comfortable & charming.


& this kitchen, with those fruits & vegetables piled up below,
the wild color of the flowers takes hold of the entire room,
a tiny room by today's standards, but adequate for this home in this setting, don't you think?

& what more perfect bedroom for the person who made certain those tulips
were planted and would blossom forth?
enchanting, isn't it?

& for those invited to stay the night this would be their accommodation...
exactly as it should be.

I even love the oscillating fan.



  1. Absolutely idyllic Marsha...just follow the tulips and find bliss...LOVE your choices ;-)

  2. So many beautiful pictures, the tulips are devine and I love the bedroom with the wonderful lights above the bed...I do adore that zac posen wow

  3. It leads to places only our mind and creativity can experience.

  4. Who needs Calgon when I have your blog "to take me away"???Gorgeous images...

  5. dreaming away! love it...and today we had 13 plus C and sunny, almost spring (:
    the steps are magic, I would even enjoy jogging on them up and down!
    xo Z

  6. This first image is enchanting, a beautiful landscape full of mystery. Where does it lead to?
    Happy spring, my friend!

  7. Love the tulips.. Gorgeous sight to see.
    God bless,

  8. Oh,my....these tulips are breathless gorgeous!!! I mean whole amazing,so invited to go there upstairs:-)))*

    And this bedroom absolutely beautiful, the way,I do LOVe all these choices!

    My warmly wishes to you,


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