Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Raised Eyebrows?

Kate Middleton shows off baby bump in a £1000 Erdem dress in Manchester

Kate Middleton shows off baby bump in a £1000 Erdem dress in Manchester

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, showed off her growing baby bump, as she attended an inspirational sink-estate school in Manchester, on St. George's Day. Kate, who is six months along with her first child, a future heir to the British throne, raised eyebrows as she wore a £1,065 dress from Canadian label Erdem, on her visit to the poverty stricken estate. The blue and red dress had a floral print all over, and the Duchess paired it with navy suede pumps, and a clutch. She kept her makeup look minimal and hair loose on her official visit to the school.

raised eyebrows?
she looks wonderful & I hardly think she would shop H&M
(especially now that Beyonce is their celebrity advertiser)

any eyebrow's raised here?

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Anonymous said...

No raised eyebrows from me!! She looks gorgeous. xo

martinealison said...

Une bien jolie princesse et pleine de charme et de grâce.
Gros bisous

Colleen Taylor said...

What a beautiful lady in waiting. She's always so eloquent and classy. Nothing raised here but praise. Thanks once again Marsha.

Charulie said...

More power to her! People will always be jealous of those more fortunate.

She looks lovely.

zanetastyle said...

That dress is plain ... But if she likes it ... She can wear it (: there are poor people everywhere but that doesn't mean we should all be and those who criticize I say thy have nothing better to do?

Anonymous said...

She looks gorgeous!

designchic said...

I was thinking the same thing as I started reading - who would expect her to wear anything less than fabulous clothes?! She is the epitome of grace and beauty and looks amazing!!

Babycakes said...

it's sad that people have to have an opinion about other people's lives. She looks wonderful, more power to her!

marsha cannon said...

I thought she looked great and pinned that image of her yesterday myself!

marsha cannon said...

I thought she looked great - pinned that image of her myself!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

She can never get a break! Bottom line, they always find something to pick on. She is beautiful!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

She can't win so might as well dress to suit herself and her husband. I think she looks fabulous!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Marsha dearest just been catching up. I think Kate always looks gorgeous, she is SO beautiful and looks lovely in everything she puts on, but I do think her advisers could have done a better job in view of the fact that the press was bound to pick-up on the price of the dress, how many more Brownie-points she would have gained by wearing a Top-shop dress! I live within 15 miles of Wythenshawe and unfortunately it was stereotyped as an area with a 'certain reputation',they used shots of the area in the television programme, 'Shameless'. It was the largest Council Housing Estate in Europe, although almost half now own their own homes and look after them beautifully. There is a pride and community spirit, but at the same time there are challenges to be faced, it is known as the violence capital of Greater Manchester, it is most definitely not a cash-rich society and jobs are very much needed. Kate has been seen in chain-store clothes before, I just think it would have been a wiser move for the day of her visit too. I think she looked lovely and yes she can choose what the heck she wants to wear, I suppose it's what the people would have expected, that she wear an really expensive dress to visit. Didn't the Queen Mother once say when she had incurred hostility visiting the East End of London after the bombing of World War 2, that if the public came to see her wouldn't they wear their best clothes to visit? I do think it would be a better idea for the media to NOT comment on the price of her dresses and let the ordinary folk enjoy a royal visit without being reminded constantly of the situation.

Getting down from my soap-box now ;))))))
Hugs darling friend,