Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Accessory News + Duchess Report

good day, everyone...
the Duchess Report is at the bottom of today's post,
thank you to everyone for your kind concern about our girl.

you know how, sometimes,  the accessory piece you add to an outfit is the 
perfect completion of that "look" you wanted?

today it's the handbag, or bag, we're talking about.



Elie Saab

gown, Elie Saab via HERE

Splenderosa has added an entire NEW COLLECTION
of HANDBAGS to our website shop.

some of them are shown below,
so, yes, this is unabashedly a commercial :)"s


beautiful clutch, crystals all the way around,
snap closure,
shoulder chain enclosed
these little bags are stunning, you would never ever find this quality at this price in
an actual store, seriously.
7" X 3" X 2"
Splenderosa price $ 95

to order email us
we will send you a PayPal invoice

our new  studded handheld mini-satchel look
6.5" W X 8" High X 5.5" Deep
rose burgundy
faux leather

email to order

this fabulous perforated tote bag
is really beautiful in living person,
so much fashion for so little price
on our website
Splenderosa icon on top right sidebar

Dynamite Hobo with Metallic Ring Handles
+ a Shoulder Strap included.
this looks like a million dollars!
I gave my girlfriend the coral one and she about D.I.E.ed, she thought it was so pretty.
on our website

the turquoise HOBO is vibrant and lush
favorite has been the Pink/Beige shown at lower right,
I'm carrying the black one right now, it has zip pockets inside, is just the right size
without being overwhelming, very easy access (for me, this is necessary).

and the brand new Large Basic Tote
Brown on Brown
faux leather
16" X 12" X 6"
email to order

Duchess Report:
we visited her this morning, she looks very calm and happy, she wagged her tail for us.
she still cannot get up on her own.
another assessment will be made on Wednesday.

she is housed in a large lower level kennel, situated in the operating room, 
the doors are open and she can see everything.
she has people around her all day long + a couple of other dogs.

she has an IV for pain and is stable, but guarded.

I'm going to REI this afternoon to buy some mountain-climbing booties
for her.  they have grips on the soles of the feet and velcro on each leg.
they're $89 and we are SO happy they are available!

another of my girlfriends told me about them.

I have prayer candles all over the house for her, and she still needs all your good wishes.
if she can't eventually get up the news will not be good.
surgery is not indicated because of her age and her severe arthritic condition.
it seems the treatment is sometimes worse than the ailment.



Vannessa@Luxuria said...

LOVE the bags Marsha. Will definitely be treating myself to one of the large boho bags ;-)
Sending prayers from London to Duchess (and you) xx

VM Creation Atelier said...


I still pray for Duchess and lighting a candle...........:)*
I know too well, this situation when your dog- your best friend is sick..................:(((


Hou is it possible,you turn your shopping so fantastic...?!
I like those bags,especially ''Dynamite Hobo with Metallic Ring Handles'' SOooooo much:)))*

Sending to you my wishes....full of LOVE and hope,my dear friend!


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Sending prayers for Duchess...and you as well...I know how hard it is when a fur-baby is not doing well. xoxo

carolyn bradford said...

So sorry about Duchess….she sounds like she is in good hands with your vet! And of course, has many thoughts and prayers headed her way!
Love your new handbags! By all means…give us commercials for them! Otherwise…how would we know?
So good to be catching up on your life!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I have been away a few days, I am so very sorry about your Duchess! I have said a prayer and have her in my thoughts. It is o hard when pets get older, I have a 121/2 year old myself.

I love your new handbags! They are all beautiful, I am heading to th shop now to see them.

Have a great night, Elizabeth

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marsha, I pray for Dutchess' full recovery! Love the clutches! I needed one for the wedding!

Sarah said...

Marsha, there is an army praying for Duchess. I know how difficult this is for you. Thinking only positive thoughts here!

BW said...

The dress in the first picture is gorgeous. What designer is it and where did you find it??

French Basketeer.com said...

Love the clutches; I have my Mother's vintage one that is similar, and have relied on it a lot. Sending a prayer for Dutchess~