Saturday, June 22, 2013

Amazing Pacific Northwest

the beautiful Oregon coastline

Sea Cliffs, Boardman State Park, Oregon
photo via real

this is the time of year all Texan's wish we could go ANYWHERE else to avoid
our long, hot summers.

doesn't this look like heaven?



our "Diva Drops"
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still taking a blog break, be back in a couple of weeks.
so my posts will be fluff & stuff for now.

sending love, my friends.



  1. How lovely, I think it is particularly beautiful with that line of sunshine in the foreground. And nice music, too.

  2. Dave and I spent some time in lower Oregon coast...lovely! I'd love to return one day, after I've been to all the other places I want to go -smile-. I looked up Cape Verde Islands...look mighty purty, Marsha.

  3. Marsha, not sure my comments are going through...lovely photo of the Oregon coast. Dave and I went to the Oregon was a wonderful trip. Your earrings are beautiful; enjoy your blogging break.

  4. Hello Marsha

    I hope you take a well deserved break and enjoy your sojourn

    Love the earings.


  5. I am so pleased to hear you are taking your break on the Oregon coast. I am a native Oregonian and have spent many summer vacations on that beautiful coast. It is still my special place to go. Enjoy! xo

  6. Take me away! It looks like heaven. Thinking I need those earring. Heading to the shop now. xo, Phyllis

  7. That's OK with me , it pretty fluff. Those earrings are gorgeous.
    What ever or where ever you are doing, have fun. yvonne

  8. The coastline looks wonderful Marsha! I hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing time!


  9. So stunning. Love it..have never been but it is one place I hope to visit sooner than later.

  10. I hope that you are vacationing where this photograph was is even more breathtaking than the photograph! Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  11. This place looks a Paradise on Earth,Marsha..........
    I can very good understand you:)*

    And,how beautiful are you ''Diva drops''....such amazing summer style!

    Have a beautiful time your Paradise,my dear friend:)))*




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