Sunday, July 14, 2013

Does Anyone Need to Lose a Bit of Weight? Safely & Nutritionally?

ok, I'm going to admit it,
I've become a plumpette

one of my precious girlfriends just sent this information to me,
the way she recently lost major weight...50 pounds in 10 months...
so I'm sharing with all of you & I'll bet there is at least one of us who could use this
safe, nutritional and informative advice.
we're going to call it the

8-Step Program

1.  Power Up on Proteins - Eat 6 Mini-Meals Per Day, kinda like
     Oprah did, this gets your metabolism moving.  And, you don't
     have to eat starvation portions, in fact if you are eating ONLY
     protein you may eat all you want.  Salmon, chicken make this
     possible. Otherwise, berries, dark green veggies, edamame.

2.  Green Tea - If you don't like Green Tea get the capsules with
     at least 70% EGCG, take 2-3 times per day. 
     NOTE:  I really love GREEN MATCHA TEA, it's the powdered
     leaves, and it can be added to anything, like smoothies, etc.

3.  Green COFFEE BEAN CAPSULES - the ones like Dr. Oz has
     been promoting.  My body needs more than most people, so I
     take 2 at a time, 4X a day.  These things increase your                      metabolism too, but you won't feel it.

4.  EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - the cold-pressed 1st-Made
     Olive Oil.  All the others are heat-processed and will not work.
     Take 1 tablespoon 3X a day.   Do not cook with it, you will lose
     the value if it's heated.  Read about this stuff, it's a miracle food 
     & it also stimulates your metabolism, but ONLY the Extra
     Virgin kind.  And, because the USA does not subscribe to the
     stringent quality control the Europeans use to label olive oil,
     do not buy olive oil at the grocer.  My friend gets her's from
     The Olive Press in Sonoma where they use only the old methods
     for production.

5.  Exfoliate you skin.  This way you will remove toxins from your
     skin and improve circulation.  It will only take a week to see the

6.  Fiber - Oat Bran is the best, carry it with you so you can put
     on salads, etc.  I don't like wheat bran, like Bran Buds, and I
     really like Oat Bran and Flax Seeds.

7.  DO NOT EAT PASTA!   I know, I know...but.  If it's WHITE
     leave it out of your diet for now.  Sweet Potatoes are OK.

8.  Warm Water & Lemon Juice.  
     Coffee is OK, but use non-dairy creamers. 

I know this program works, 
as it worked for me a couple of years ago,
without the coffee beans or green tea,
I just ate whatever I wanted, mini portions several
times a day.

If you make the non-fat yogurt & cucumber
smoothie I had on the blog a few days ago
you will be waaaay ahead.

If you get a sugar craving at night,
eat fruit with Sweet & Low,
eat all you want.



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

This sounds like a great way to loose a few pounds. I will have to try your suggestions.

Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your evening, Elizabeth


I pretty much do this on a daily bases and I keep myself at 138. I wish I could lose the 8 more I don't like, but I've been going out and traveling, but I'm ready now!!! Thanks for the tips and I do love Green tea! Have a great Summer pretty lady.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Fabby, the olive oil, the coffee beans, really really helped her. Any of us can do the mini-meals 6X a day, but adding these 2 things actually worked.

savvycityfarmer said...

I'm on it!!!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

good advice Marsha but I don't use non-dairy stuff...if I can't pronounce it, usually I won't use it -grin-. most women do not eat enough protein, we need upwards of 40 grams daily and most of us eat less than 20; most eat around 10 grams. when I start eating a lot of protein, the weight starts coming off quickly.

French said...

Love this advice! I am starting a new regimen tomorrow morning, and have been doing an epsom salt bath this week, I agree that really works. It kills me to not eat my homemade pasta for a few weeks, but I agree and I'm doing it, for a few weeks....

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am on a fitness kick right now. A lifestyle change I am hoping. Very interesting. I do a lot of this, but need to try the green coffee.

Acquired Objects said...

I always power load on protein since it takes the hunger pangs away. Always eat protein first. They say you should eat one large meal in the morning and one at night now, things change so fast though who knows. I love your new word "plumpette"


The Permanent Tourist said...

This may be exactly what I've been looking for, Marsha! Thanks so much for sharing this. I don't need to lose fifty pounds but 15 would be great! I'll keep you posted!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I am totally loving your word "plumpette"! These are excellent tips. I have begun eating much more mindfully and healthily, and work out at a local gym with a trainer and a few other women. It's been slow but I have managed to shed a little over 30 pounds (still a plumpette, though...I like my food too much!).

Enjoy your day! xoxo

VM Creation Atelier said...


Yes,unfortunatly....''plumpette''is the right and very funny word:)))*

I want to try this 8 steps program:)*
Many pounds I don't need to lose actually....but it sounds so attractive to do it.

Thank you so much for giving these recipes!


D A Wolf said...

So many good suggestions here. The mini-meals always helps me, and thank you for the reminder about oat bran and flax seeds as I like both and they're wonderful for you!

Debe said...

This is very similar to Pierre Dukan's diet that Kate used before she married Prince William. I went on it to lose 15 and ended up losing 30! Really works for me because I like to eat & enjoy decent portions,as much protein as you want. The best thing is once a week for the rest of your life you have an all protein day to drop any extra weight you might have added during the previous week. Six months from goal & still holding that number!!

Finn Felton said...

I have used only two steps above mentioned to reduce weight one a green coffee called Kopi Luwak and regular exercising. All others steps seems interesting and i would like to tr them too.