Monday, July 1, 2013

Refreshing X10

this is one of my all-time summer favorites,
& so easy to make.
you have to find your own texture and the exactly right
proportion of yogurt, cucumber & water to make it perfect for yourself.
it's worth the 5 minutes it takes to make it, believe me.

& it's so good for us !!

I learned to really like this in the Middle East,
and now my entire family loves it.

it's pretty too...

but, to start with here's the recipe...

Cucumber & Mint Yogurt Drink

2 medium  cucumbers. peeled and finely chopped
4 cups full-fat plain yogurt (I use Greek Gods Fat-Free, love the taste & the consistancy)
2 tsp. salt (adjust to taste)
3 cups cold filtered/bottled water.  COLD is the key.  Or use ICE
1 tsp.  dried mint or 1 tbsp fresh chopped mint

Add all of the ingredients in a large pitcher or bowl and stir well.   I put mine into the blender and blend until the cucumber is drinkable through a straw.  Pour or ladle into glasses that have a few cubes of ice.  Garnish with thinly sliced cucumber & the chopped mint.   
Serves 4-6

#tablescape perfect centerpiece of leaves and cumquats create forest bower feeling of intimacy for a Shakespearean fairy interlude
via pinterest

loving loving this table setting using natural greenery, 
also love the little fruits on the plates,
I could go for this all year round using seasonal greens & decorations.
could you?

back home, trying to stay alive in this heat !!

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D A Wolf said...

This is one I definitely will try! (That table setting is gorgeous.)

D A Wolf said...

This is one I definitely will try! (That table setting is gorgeous.)

VM Creation Atelier said...


This rcipe is indeed one of the mostly healthy and a very tasty too....!!!
I do enjoy this recipe long time,that's so fun:)))*
I am realy so glad-you loves this too and share this recipe for all of Summer lovers here!:)*
I must say,
with us here is still no nice warm summer ,unfortunately,but I do make this amazing drink very offten:)*

Seding to you fresh wind from olland,my dear frien!

Hugs and XXX,

VM Creation Atelier said...

This I am again,Marsha:)*

I am so sorry,my keyboard makes sometimes realy starnge mistakes.....:(

Oh,yes...this last image of summer table setting makes me thinking about Greece or maybe Italy...By the way,I do love these idea very much:)))*


Glamour Drops said...

So it's like a Raita, but in a drink consistency? Yum. We make lots of Raita, but without the iced water so it is an accompaniment to other dishes. But this would be heavenly on a hot summer's refreshing. At the moment, I would have to be adding BOILING water to keep us warm, haha! So funny how the blogging world is split in half between summer and winter at any time. xx

oh...and i love your table setting idea too...truly trans seasonal....

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

It does sound good and refreshing...

Acquired Objects said...

Hello Marsha~ I just happen to have everything for this drink in the frig and since the husband is home I'm going to make it, sounds delicious! Glad to hear you're safely home, sorry about your heat though. We've been getting almost nonstop rain for weeks on end and I'm growing gills!

Enjoy your Fourth of July!

Scat said...

Thanks for sharing sounds yummy!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Sound delicious, Marsha! I accidentally bought too many cucumbers at the store yesterday so now I have a great way to use them!!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

The Permanent Tourist said...

The drink sounds cool and yummy. I've got lots of mint growing too...all set...and cucumbers just about to pop in our garden! The tablesetting is perfect! There are so many seasonal ways to do a variation on the natural theme! Love it Marsha...glad you're back, but hate that you're having to suffer through a terrible heat wave in Houston...been there...done that.

vicki archer said...

Sounds delish Marsha... and I agree, a gorgeous table setting... xv

Fashion-isha said...

That drink looks fabulous. I'm all into my healthy summer drinks! Have a happy 4th!