Thursday, August 8, 2013

Discover !

hello everyone, welcome to the weekend...

on Tuesday I had to go to the doctor for a quick appointment, nothing
important at all.  while in the waiting room I picked up a magazine, actually the only one left on the table.

my curious nature made me open it to see if I could find anything to which I could relate.

and, yes, I did.  in fact, I brought the magazine home with me (with permission).

you see, the magazine is called  

Discover Magazine: The magazine of science, technology, and the future

before I knew it I was wrapped up in a long editorial piece called
"Starting Point"
it's cosmology's most fundamental question:  how did the universe begin?

it's something I contemplate often.  seriously.

I've thought for a long time that we don't actually die & disappear, as we are made up of matter,
and matter can take many forms.
for us, I think we will take another, higher form (of course).

I was sustained by this article, which kept me interested throughout.
it pointed out the discovery of one of the leading cosmologists in the USA
showing there is an opposite to gravity.

something else I found out by reading this magazine is that there is now a material
called Phase Change Material (PCM) which can keep coffee in your go-cup
at a constant temperature, the exact temperature it needs to be.  Whoopee!

phase change is, for example, is when water changes from liquid to solid.

but, the importance of this discovery is that this same material, developed by
PureTemp, is being used in more significant ways, including the Embrace
infant warmer and the "Cool Vest," which prevents overheating in human & canine
troops in the Middle East, as well as manufacturing a "GreenBox" which
safely transports pharmaceuticals, blood & vaccines.

now, tell me, won't this make for some interesting dinner table conversation?

your's in science,



Talia said...

My husband designs, builds, and engineers custom made units in which pharmaceutical companies us to transport blood, vaccines and the like. It is a very fascinating complex science!

La Petite Gallery said...

This is deep and heavy matter.
Sounds like an interesting read,,
Cool vest sounds pretty Kool.
All kidding aside, big hug and have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think this is the reason I was so attracted to your website and your blog in the first place!

this is no "shallow, superficial person"! It was so obvious! (many decorating sites.....are what I just said!!)


I am so delighted that I found you!

I adore hearing about them company that makes "infant warmers; and cool vests for soldiers and canine helpers" I cried when reading!!

You are sensational!

ps my website "went down"; not sure what to do.....may give up blogging.....kinda discouraged!


Bravo.......such a great post!!!

Violetta Cordes-Medvedeva said...

Marsha,my dear,dear friend!

You as always to me a stunning example for developing and to be curious....Yes,it is!!!:)*

I mean,I would done precise as you did by this waiting room....
And that's also TRUE: how more we go into the future, change the more things go and develop!

Wish you a very good weekend,

The Permanent Tourist said...

Marsha, I have been questioning, studying and learning for many, many years now. I love Discovery and agree with what they are finding. We are energy/matter, therefore our essence cannot be destroyed. The body wears out and we rise out of it to find other heights....literally. I always liken it to the movie "Stargate" where our souls will fly out into the light to reunite with others. It's comforting to think of, for me at least.
See what you
Have a fantastic weekend....and stay cool! I'll be trying my had at fresh ginger hibiscus popsicles a friend gave me the recipe for...yum! Big hugs and lots of love! Melissa