Thursday, September 26, 2013


for me, Olivia and Blake Lively are the 2 most beautifully groomed and beautifully outfitted women in our country     
 ...outside of the very very very wealthy whom we don't see as often
in photographs.

above, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Accessories Editor Marie Claire Magazine

Jessica Alba NY street style


Miroslava Duma during LFW, Spring 2014

Russian, Mira Duma...who is flawless

this woman is fantastic, her work, her lifestyle, her family…everything!

a beautiful French woman with one of the most beautiful cooking blogs in the world

the editor of Vogue Paris,
Emanuelle Alt

not flawless, in my opinion...

I've tried to understand this about European women, that some of them are not
well-groomed (by American standards), the throw-away chic, which can be absolutely
charming, is mis-stated by the total lack of hair care.
when I see Anna Della Russo or Carine Roitfeld I think the same thing.
they can wear haute couture head to toe, but their dishevelled look takes away from the entire
package, to me it just looks "unfinished."

egads, the coat is even buttoned incorrectly !
& those lace booties, out on the street?

& below, does she look the least bit feminine?

all of the women I've named are "fashion" people !

perhaps my European girlfriends can help me understand this.

any thoughts?



  1. What a beautiful selection. Olivia Palermo is my favorite style icon. I really like her style.


  2. Emmanuelle Alt has become a bit of a cliche to be frank. Too many wannabe's of her and now that look is just overdone but I also think Manger is one of the best cooking blogs ever!!!

  3. Why is that some of those who design don't follow their own guidelines? I have to agree with you on Emmanuella Alt. But also must agree with you on Olivia Palermo's style. Perfection!

  4. Beautiful ladies ! In my opinion, French girls look more natural than American ones. Although most American girls have a complete look from head to toes, as a non American woman, I find their look somewhat a bit superficial. But, as they say, the exception doesn't make the rule, either for American girls or French girls. Catherine Deneuve has always had beautiful hair... and what about Brigitte Bardot during her beautiful years ? Every girl in those days wanted to look like her !

    1. Well, I think ALL movie stars look spectacular. The European ladies I commented about are in the "fashion business." Of course, it's all in what we are accustomed to seeing, isn't it? Superficial? Absolutely not, it's the look of total grooming which we have been taught. I did not, in any way, intend to condemn.

    2. I love that flowing pale pink skirt with sweater! I think there are gorgeous American and European women, and I know you were only pointing out those particular women in the images not European women in general. I agree those fashion gals did not look that fashionable to me either!

      You have great taste me friend!

    3. Do you know where the pale pink skirt came from? Love it!!!

  5. Marsha, I think it goes back to the old is born with style and either have it or you don' cannot be bought or borrowed...whether you are American or European....this was a very nice post...N.xo

  6. Marsha, I think it goes back to the old is born with style and either have it or you don' cannot be bought or borrowed...whether you are American or European....this was a very nice post...N.xo

  7. Lots of pretties, saw that first pic the other day and it was so eye catching..great looking couple! And that pale pink is sooo soft and pretty and delicate, whats not to love, its all gorgeous!

  8. Marsha, I love your blog and the new photos in the heading! What si the name of the French cooking blog? As with Europeans, I am in Europe quite a bit. I think they look great, but clean hair does not seem to matter to them, I realized. They make up for that mistake with staying slim, something I and many AMerican struggle with!

  9. Marsha, you are so right these ladies are flawless. I love looking at beautiful fashion.

    And Manger is my favorite food blog!

  10. Hello,my dear friend Marsha!

    Can't more being agree with you about Olivia Palermo style........:)* Just very beautiful yong lady with a gorgeous fashion style filled with an elegance and charme,absolutely my favourite from this list above!
    And yes,Mira Duma is a beautiful gilr....she knows what is a real trends for today.
    Also about don't always need with a tight cut,no not!
    BUT,ladies,please!!! If do you look at Emanuelle Alt images on the last two photos,I want only to say:''unfinished''.that's true......

    What a beautiful French lady from the coocking blog!!!

    Wishing you mostly wonderful weekend,Marsha:)*
    And thankyou,

  11. Zermatt Switzerland!?!

  12. I am so praying and hoping that your blog will bring back elegance and "dressing the part"! was at the opthamologists yesterday with my hat and outfit.......and a lady said to me......."OH!! I just love seeing you dressed as a "lady"! with your hat and your long skirt! I actually have some hats and long skirts.,I just don't wear them! I am going to go home and put them out! You look wonderful!!"

    A few moments later I heard her say (on her the way) her birthday was 11/20/1923! Sheesh! She is 90! She was a wonder! (I am disappointed in myself... I spoke a bit to her......but nowhere near enough!

    (I am bad at subtraction.....I thought she was 80! she looked and acted like my own age! sheesh! It won't happen again!!)


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