Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inspiration Boards - 8 Awesome Colour Combinations

this may not look like Fall/Winter to most of us,
but if you happen to own some of these colours already 
try adding a pop of the other colour
to update and make it new again.
handbag, scarves, shoes, belts, jewelry...that's all you need to start with.

Armani Blue (Sapphire) & Emerald Green

Sunshine Yellow & Turquoise

Paris Green & Deep Aquamarine Teal
My Favorite
Red & Purple
Midnight Blue & Iris
Bright Orange & Pink
Sherbet Colours
Tangerine & Peach
Mint & Sea Green
just luscious
via Fashionising HERE
tell me, do you have a favorite?
will you wear these mixes of colors in any style?

I remember being in NYC on a business trip with some of the other
Sak's people.  we were strolling down the street, 3-4 of us, and
the HR Director said, " I must show you what I just bought today."
a lime green bag...a very expensive lime green bag.
lime green was in that season.

she cracked us up saying, "I think this green is a new neutral."

maybe she meant a new basic,
however, after that all of us fashion people wanted a lime green
follow the flock, that's the mantra, isn't it?







Chicatanyage said...

Lovely colour combinations. I also like shocking pink and purple.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Marsha the greens are fabulous! Not a fan of yellow but these are beautiful examples!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh yes!!!
Such amazing colours combinations:)))*
I LOVe those ideas to play with colors....
Here is Armani blue &Emerald green is beautiful,also Red& Purple is totally fabulous!
And this phrase:''follow the flock, that's the mantra''...May be I havn't good understood, but I think especially about your story: this is contagious when around you many peoples do the same:)*

It was a great pleasure to read on your website a comment of you customer!
I know,she is absolutely right!:)*


Elizabeth Day said...

Yes, give me red anything, but to add purple to the mix is heavenly. Beautiful combinations and that necklace! YES!!

shiree segerstrom said...

Gorgeous necklace, fabulous color schemes. Thank you for the inspiring fashion post. Is that tortoise faux? Shiree'

carolyn bradford said...

My most favorite thing on here is your necklace! It is beautiful and will work with anything! Fall or not! I will not wear these colors unless I'm forced to do so by the friends I am with! LOL! I love each and every color you showed us but to me, fall is brown, taupe, black, dark greens and teals, and yes…mustard. So…am I contradicting myself? Because you did show these colors! To me they looked so cheerful and spring like! Oh well..I've never claimed to be a fashionista! I so wish I was! I just need a personal shopper and a personal trainer to get me into the clothes that I WANT to wear! Loved this post! Loved your advice in your last email! Sorry I haven't been able to respond! You are a doll!

ZSUZSA said...

That red and purple board looks divine!

The Permanent Tourist said...

Definitely! Love the combinations!