Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Violetta in Amsterdam....Her Beautiful Illustration

the most wonderful thing about blogging is meeting unique, interesting, talented & lovely
women all around the world.  people who have the same interests as we do, or maybe
diametrically opposed interests...but in the mix we meet people we will never forget.

I have been very fortunate in this regard as most of you know.
I love talking about this to everyone I know.

today I want to share with you the talent of one of the sweetest people I've ever
met...Violetta Cordes.
Violetta is Russian, but now lives in Amsterdam, where she is a couture designer and
seamstress premier.  
but she is also an artist in another way, she can actually paint & draw.

below is her illustration of someone else's design for a fabulous wedding gown.

the gown will be made the finest silk & silk chiffon in palest ivory...& finished
with French lace fabric of the ultimate quality.

don't you just love the ethereal "butterfly" settling around the waist of the gown?

the bride saw Violetta's illustration and said,
"Yes, yes, this is definitely my dress."

to see more of Violetta's work and read her blog,
please visit her HERE

tomorrow, some new merchandise.
another photo of the new baby.
and Fall fashions for now.




VM Creation Atelier said...


I am so touched.............
Thankyou for all your beautiful words!
My heart thrilled because that's so true,what do you says:''we meet people we will never forget''

From the bottom of my heart I send to you my very kind thoughts and felings:)*


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Marsha, thank you for the introduction to a new talent. I am going over now to see Violettas fabulous blog.