Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall is Definitely Here in Houston

you won't believe it, but it's really chilly today in our city,
we can't quite believe it either.

it's almost like a "winter" day in Houston, about 55f.

I couldn't help myself, I also just had to post some beautiful photos
(none of them taken by me)

lovely outside firep charisma design

elegant champagne wine on ice

Jessica Alba Street Style 

ok, I'll admit it, I hate these type of jeans,
but love everything else...


from the website
this awesome tote bag, also comes in black,


Splenderosa's Leather Wrap Bracelet

I love scarves at this time of year, 
they can change outfits drastically, just pop one on and
suddenly you have a whole different vibe,
and these big totes are THE bag for everyday.

I am so in love with cooler weather.  
It is very difficult to live in the heat of Texas, 
but we can't leave permanently because we love everything else about the place.



  1. Happy Fall, Marsha!!

    Some people really can't see themselves for what they are...I have learned after many years to quit trying to change people. Either accept him, flaws and all, or move on.

    Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  2. Hi Marsha! The pumpkin display with a chateau in the background is dreamy. And your answer to: "what do you do?" is my answer. Just move on and live my life with people that care about each other ... Not just themselves ((:
    We had to let my husband's brother go ... He is a case of narcissistic nature and with his russian mail order mistress he topped it off. We tried to level with him but every time we were around him we felt upset and unhappy to have to suffer his crazy, so we don't see him now. Parents gave us hard time for a while but still that was easier and better. Every now and then I feel bad and want to invite him but my husband stops me(((:

    Hugs z

  3. I love the first one, it puts me in such a festive mood! I also love the picture of the lab - there is nothing cuter then a lab puppy!


  4. Hi,hi,hello,My dearest Marsha!:)
    Your post is SO beyond gorgeous today,I can't help,but I have soul-warmed smile on my face...
    All images are so delightful and pretty:)))
    These gorgeous rooms and this black bloese with a marvelous cute trousers....
    The bag for everyday just truly big finder!
    I Love,Love,Love all littlest details in ALL things there from you post!

    Wishing you fantastic lovely week ahead:)
    Hugs from Moscow,dear friend!

  5. Delightful post !!! Have a good evening !

  6. Your photos are so beautiful. You have great taste ! Without a doubt !

  7. Beautiful photos ... love the the Splenderosa braclet and the tote is both gorgeous and practical. Some people never seem to grow up ... and it's up to us to decide whether to accept them as they or not see them as often. Here is hoping that your friend does grow up and can be more respectable in the future. Hugs and blessings my friend. xo C. (HHL)

  8. Love all those images, I actually saw a show on Dogs on PBS and that adorable Spaniel was on it with her master from England! SHe really does help feed the lambs, and that kitchen wow!!
    xo Karolyn

  9. Gorgeous images, Marsha! Fall, in Texas, is definitely different! Those images almost make forget the 90 degree temps of just a week ago! I'm loving this weather now. Beautiful!

  10. Fabulous images Marsha. I can't live without scarves either. It's amazing how warm they can make you feel, even without a coat. I know you must be enjoying the cool weather. I saw it in your forecast. So much of the time in Texas the weather is about the same and often I didn't even know what month it was until I looked it up :)

  11. your new music too:) Puts me in the mood for fall, beautiful clothes and champagne!

  12. the sweater and skirt combo..............Goregous! always manage to find the very best of the best.

  13. It's certainly here in London, Marsha...GORGEOUS images as always!
    Happy Weekend


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