Wednesday, October 30, 2013


please look carefully at this amazing photograph, especially the eyes of each of
these creatures. 

when we see something like this we should understand that ALL life on our planet
is sacred.

we do not have the right to destroy even the simplest form.

I think of this every single day and know someday, not too far in the future,
we will banish all trophy hunting forever,
and (hopefully) all killing of wild animals for any reason.

my continued mission.

Cattle Egret, taken at Pinglin, New Taipei City, TAIWAN
by John & Fish
via Flickr



  1. Beautiful,Marsha!
    Truly delightful photograph.....
    And yes,yes,yes: all people must being extremely careful for
    ALL life in the nature!
    For a Mother Nature,for Earth for a future life.

    Thank you:)


  2. What wonderful sentiments, I couldn't agree more and wish with all my heart the rest of the world felt the same way.

  3. As long as humans will kill animal as long there will be war. I think it was a saying of Dostojewski .

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I went vegan many years ago for this very reason and have never felt better :) Thanks so much for the beautiful picture you shared! :)

  5. Our fellow humans too.

  6. Marsha! we share so many things! this has been my mission, entire life!

    I think we knew each other in another life! that photograph says it all.....and it is their eyes! The babies looking at the parents......and the parents looking at the babies........there are serious feelings being transmitted1


  7. I think you demonstrate all the time what a lovely person you are - you go girl!

  8. I think you demonstrate all the time what a lovely person you are, you go girl!


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