Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reviews TV & Film, in my opinion

World War Z

cannot imagine an adult watching this all the way to the end.
Brad Pitt looks bored with the whole thing.
don't bother (unless you're 13).


Sandra Bullock is fabulous, carries the film all by herself.
it's all CG, but who cares...it's visually beautiful.
not sharing the ending.


James Spader is awesome, the 1st episode was like pins & needles,
it is one of the best TV dramas I've ever seen with plot twists & all.

it's my favorite, Kerry Washington is brilliant in every episode,
cannot wait for the new season.

now that the good husband is governor we will hope they both stay
good spouses.  last night's premier was brilliant.  a death-row case had to be resolved
immediately by all the partners, Kerry is trying to open a new firm but they all want to
stay put until about $1,000,000 in bonus money is paid to them.
an excellent episode.

well, this is like a little mini-series or movie actually
didn't sound promising, but I watched because of the political intrigue,
I was not disappointed at all.
Record it, then watch at your leisure.
I think there will be many surprises, like how much the hostage takers actually
care for their captives, and that the entire thing is being directed
by someone outside this group who wants the current president out of office.

Mark Wahlberg's production starring his brother, Donnie Wahlberg,
about a family of NYC police officers and DA prosecutors.
the good guys always win, there is a message in every episode
to that effect.  
I love it!


starring Houstonian Matt Bomer,
a very sophisticated, witty & excellent show
about our hero aiding the FBI with white collar crime,
like art thefts, etc.
He's adorable & always on the look-out for an opportunity.



  1. The picture above is not of Matt Bomer, but rather Ian Somerhalder - also VERY adorable.

  2. I road an elevator at the downtown Trump Soho with Matthew Bomer and my husband thought I was going to have a heart attack!! He looks different in this image than I remember but again that was 2 years ago...
    I love your reviews now I know what to skip! Also Remember how handsome James Spader used to be.. what happened, but I know he's is still a great actor!

  3. I am terribly, horribly, irretrievably behind in television viewing... *sigh* ... When will get the 30-hour day so I can catch up?

    Love, love, love your take on all these shows and films!

  4. J'ai aimé lire vos opinions... Gros bisous

  5. Wow you know your movies and TV. I am very out of the loop on both fronts.....I leave that up to my husband:)

  6. Thank you for the list... I like the look of that guy... whoever he is!! xv

  7. We never miss an episode of "Blue Bloods", I always tape it so we can watch on Saturday night. Having lived in NYC for so long, I always feel like I've taken a trip back "home" when I watch it, love the family dinners and I even know where the house is. I'll put the others on my list to record and watch! Thanks Marsha!

  8. We do watch Blue Bloods and White Collar...and we will have to check out the others....Thanks


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