Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Perils of Perfectionism

the biggest peril is that one is always wanting to make "something" better,
prettier, more organized, created with a plan, an outcome which will be splendid.

& this is because those of us who are plagued with this particular trait
visualize "what" the "something" can actually become.

it is maddening!

especially when others disagree with you and think "everything" is great already.

you know?

I'll just give you one example.
Our garden is large, about an acre of property whose perimeters are creeping inward
& consuming the property itself.

To say that it needs thinning and a huge amount of trimming & pruning would be a slight
understatement, however, it can be done...about 10 linear feet at a time.

This is what I dream it to be:

what I see is that one would still have the perimeters with high hedges  & trees,  
with room which has been regained from the overgrowth to eventually arrive at
to me, this looks cared for, well-tended, a garden with a design in mind, a place
where everywhere you look you see something pretty.
it just takes a little time to grow in properly.

this past weekend from Friday onward I have been on ladders, with trimming shears and 
sissors identifying places we could thin out completely and still have the privacy, giving me
the width I need for these flowing, arching flower beds.

it has been exhilerating, liberating...just hacking away, but hacking with a plan.

& it has proven to be excellent therapy.

without meds.

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Anonymous said...


I am the "National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat" person!! I did it with my 6 year old granddaughter!

We are wild around here! And the lady who is the "bird lady of Santa Barbara County" counted 122 species.....in two hours.....by their call! Just at my house!

Birds love "mayhem!!" twigs.....disarray! That is their habitat and "cover"!

We; as you probably know.....have pet chickens.....bantams!

We let them out in the morning; and when the hawks (we are in a definite semi-rural community......(even though Oprah is our neighbor on two sides!!) we are in the middle of 90 acres!!

These little bantam chickens teach their young.,"Under the bushes!! when a shadow flies over!!)

We have NO LAWN!! (just me) You can see my crazy wildlife preserve on my website! We have at least 20 quail......wild mallards (I have kinda tamed them......come every spring....and nest and raise their babies!)

Lawn supports no wildlife at all......and requires all that noisy stuff.....mowers, blowers, fertilizers.......YUCK!

Our gardener...had to "unlearn" everything he had learned! We won an award! In Montecito! (lots of competition!!!)

Well; you know my opinion!!

I love your boo!!!

Flora Fascinata said...

Please post when you want to show off your lovely garden! Is watering a challenge? We filled our backyard with black, green and gold bamboo. Not everyone's cup of tea, but sustainable. We know just stomp out any fresh canes to keep it in check. Love your inspiration. Xx

Catia from Leuli said...

Gardening is an excellent therapy and liberates mind. Amazing pictures. And I am quite sure, your garden will soon look like these.

Henhurst Interiors said...

I absolutely suffer from that affliction! Hope we will see photos of your work!!

therelishedroost said...

I wouldnt even know where to begin with my yard! but I love these images so I can dream of the perfect garden..someday! ;)

Marsha Splenderosa said...

P, your example of perfection is wondrous. And, even though it may look untamed I know how hard you worked to achieve the natural-ness. We cannot keep chickens (I wish) or any other type barnyard animals.
Please believe me, the wild rabbits and squirrels who live here are my friends and I do not wish them to move anywhere. I thought the birds would be attracted to the flowers. I'm going to work on this.

LPC said...

Marsha, gardening is so good for the soul and the body. A little pruning, some weeding, some planting, good to go!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Oh Maersha, those 2 pictures are EXACTLY what I always dreamed of at our old house. We lived in the woods and had SO much trouble keeping a lawn going. We had HUGE trees, over 100 feet, and Joe and I planted 100's of hostas, over 80 rhododendrons, 60 azaleas and every year, hundreds of annuals. We also then in the spring laid 30, (yes you read that correctly) yards of mulch!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is why we have our house on the market....no, it hasn't sold yet:(:(. It got to be too much work and we couldn't afford to hire it out. It was gorgeous but we are very happy here now. I am saving those pictures though, they are a DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

PS, I am on my way now to the old house to rake and blow leaves:(:(

FairyFiligree said...

GArdening can be one of the hardest jobs ever but the end result is usually satisfying for at least one season..... good luck!

VM Creation Atelier said...


How I am agree about gardening and uitstandingly good therapy....:)*
And also about ''perfection'' in your mind,I know it from my own experience.
This is hardly believe,but ''perfectionistic''institutions in your mind helps not always!

Just beyond beautiful garden above on you pistures,dear friend!
And I know for sure,you garden would be one of the prettiest place to relax and to enjoy your daily life:)))*

I send to you soul warmed hugs,dear friend,


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

You go girl! Life is too short not to enjoy your own home!