Wednesday, November 6, 2013

World-Class Photographer (my son), + A BIG BIG GIVEAWAY


Texas Troubadours

  above is the cover of his first book, aptly titled, a portraiture book of
Texas singers and songwriters.

the words below are my son's


a word that conjures up a mighty big idea.

it’s not just the context in which it’s used, as a noun, adjective, or adverb, but almost as an emotion.

when one thinks of heading south, you quickly imagine warm winds, hot sand and the infinite smell of burning. wood. grass. food.
step out of the normal routine and think south. i know that when i do, i head there quickly.
the tropics south of the border.

i’ve been escaping, not running, but escaping, from the northern antics, traffic, malls, the always depressing local news; friends, in search of a new tale to tell, another adventure from which to return, since i was 15 years old. that was the time when i first was let loose solo, with another friend the same age. we flew from Houston to Mazatlan, Mexico, with no itinerary except a return ticket 2 weeks later. exploration beyond our border was blossoming and the call of Mexico took hold the minute i got off the plane.

fortunate enough to have been bitten with the travel bug very early in life, this was another chance to add to the stamps in my passport. and i’m happy to admit that it is #1 in number, still.
although i’ve had the fortune to have traveled the world and visit some very remote areas of the globe, i find that the vast backyard that has become my mistress of sorts, is still my number one destination.

Mexico. it’s not at all about flying to a touristed destination and booking a hotel room at the fairmont or four seasons, sitting buy the pool with your book, and flying home the next week, thinking you were just in Mexico. you should have stayed at home and invested that money elsewhere. that trip could have easily been rewarding in a multitude of alternatives.

i find that Mexico, especially southern Mexico, is one of the most colorful, invigorating, and lively areas of all the states in Mexico. the have wonderful cuisine, at places that are so far from the normal track, that it makes you wonder, why isn’t this place more popular.
take it in and be glad it’s not.

the culture in and of itself dates back far enough that it’s ancient history, and it’s still intact. the celebrations and fiestas are something that books have been written on.
since it is November, just look at Dias de las Muertas, day of the dead. that is one of the oldest traditions through out the country, and also one of the most festive. let us all celebrate the life of those passed. for 8 days that goes on, and on. beautiful to witness.
the timelessness of ancient culture.

enough of the rambling on why. 
why not is the question i ask most.

i have driven the entire pacific coast of Mexico, most recently this past July, to finish another book that i’ve been working on for some time, entitled “south”. 
 the project has taken a variety of shapes, but has always had a somewhat definitive soul. 
the idea is to open the eyes of the reader, to travel off the path most traveled, to interact with the local culture, not be afraid of a wrong turn or two, because, if there’s no drama in a trip,
it wasn't worth traveling.

over the years i’ve focused on a variety of travelers, those, whom i’ve met and known, and those just passing through. both i find worthy of images and words. the final point of heading south is about finding the “perfect wave” at the end of the wrong turn, making the journey as elixing and magical as a night in the Mexican desert.

the people i have met, many whom have become friends, are included in the journals of south. all the people who travel by the seat of their pants, with no destination, are the souls and free spirits that make the world a fantastic place.

sure there’s violence and bad people everywhere, some closer to home than we’d like to acknowledge. but don’t be afraid to let it go just a bit. slip out of the comfort zone and experience the world. it doesn’t need to Mexico or even south, for that matter,

because it’s a state of mind when you hit the road, eager to share that adventure with your mates, upon return.
but at that point, your planning the next departure.
and awaiting the emotions that come with the first idea of where we go next.

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adios for now

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love to all....



LPC said...

A huge congratulations to your son!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Marsha, I LOVE your son's photos - they are breathtaking! And I enjoyed the words he posted along with him.

I haven't had the chance to read Tish's book yet so would really like to win it (plus you know how much I would love the Splenderosa gift!)

Have a lovely night! xoxo

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Your son is so talented...these photos are gorgeous!

therelishedroost said...

You have some of the best give aways ever!! THat book sound like a hoot, even if I dont win it.. I must go get it!!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Sandy, I know you enjoyed this, with your history and life.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Hey guys, thank you so much for coming to see us. Steve will see all these comments.

martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Marsha,
Quel talent a votre fils !... Un véritable bonheur que de pouvoir admirer quelques unes de ses extraordinaires photos.
De la poésie, de la délicatesse, de la profondeur et beaucoup d'authenticité.
Vous pouvez être fière de lui.
Un billet fascinant...
Gros bisous à vous deux !

Susan said...

I love following your beautiful blog for the great images, stories and of course looking at your magnificent products....every item just so special!!
I also am an avid follower of Tish and I'm so thrilled that she has managed to write a book on subjects so dear to her and her readers. I would be absolutely thrilled to be a winner of your very generous giveaway!!
Keep up your terrific make my every day extra special!!

Chatti Patti Talks Design said...

Stunning photography. It really captured the landscape. You can "feel" as if you're seeing it yourself and experiencing the surroundings, at least for me. I always love a talented photographer who's passion shows! Congrats to him!

Anonymous said...

Your son's words are a wake-up call to this reader. You let him go years mother who respected his choices!

Melody King Komisar said...

What a treat - Splenderose, Tish's book, cup of coffee - all by the fire. Ummmmm

Catherine Robinson said...

What a talented, creative son you have Marsha...his photography is stunning! I love what he says about souls and free spirits...
I was unable to get anyone to take up the task :(
Looking forward to next month's post!

Heather Robinson said...

I just poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to read all of the BIO posts--finally, I know that I am late to the party--only to find that you generously helped me out by reprinting Steve's amazing post. Steve, I am a fellower traveler myself (and the companion of a professional photographer like yourself) and love your romantic description of what that pull to discover means to you. Merci to you both for a fine dose of inspiration!
Marsha, you DO have the best giveaways, it is true! Not only would I be beyond delighted to read Tish's book but oh my to go a shopping chez toi? Count me in please...

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh my Godness!.... Marsha,dear:)))
Art photography of you son makes me almost
Just breathless gorgeous photography!
I do like you story about Mexico so much...
Can follow your feelings:)
And.... How much I want to be a happy winner here....:)

I wish to all of you followers much successes!
Sending to you soul warming hugs from Sourh Africa,dear friend!

Much love,

Catia from Leuli said...

Your son's photography together with his lyrical descriptions are Pulitzer Prize worthy. Thanks again for sharing.

Lauren said...

I love all of these beautiful photos!


Catia from Leuli said...

Your son's photography along with his lyrical comments are Pulitzer Price worthy. Thank you so much for sharing.

Ginger said...

Really enjoyed your sons writing and photography. Thank you for the opportunity to win Forever Chic as well as your very generous Splenderosa gift certificate!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Steve is such a gifted photographer! And a wonderful writer, too. I'm a bit late here.....glad to enjoy this post after coming back from my own travels. Cheers, Loi