Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Day in the Life....

my days are very hectic now...with the party approaching there is still much to be done,
which is normal, I know.

I mean, everything has been decided, it's just the "logistics" now.

these little pictures made me happy, especially the ones with the animals, even the little
deer cutout made me smile.

I was shopping today, it wasn't crazy at all, and I got a lot accomplished with gifts...
just so you know, I over-gift everyone...
it's the Italian in me that comes out full force during the holidays, where I
head full-on into opulence.

I promise when I have time I will take a few pics for you.

Yea !!!
the 2 chairs were delivered yesterday, they are PERFECT.
awaiting the ottoman, which is getting a drape made for it,
and the 6 18x18 down pillows to plop into the 4 chairs & on the sofa.
piano still not moved as we think there must be 3 big men to turn it 45 degrees,
it's has little wheels, but they are sitting in wood a bit of lifting must be done.

anyway, so far so good...

I'm sending love to Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm as she has just lost a beloved pet.
and she is the ultimate lover of all animals.

may God shelter Sandra & continue to give her the strength to tend her flock.



  1. These photos of the Dogs make me smile too!
    Thanks for sharing these.
    Bless your friend in her loss, too.

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  3. God bless you, Marsha. Like you, the photos of the pups are my favorites, although my crew would be begging for their sweaters -grin-. Have a great party, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Oh, how I love seeing the dogs in the snow, with their scarves and their precious, loving, expectant faces! (I miss our dog, sprawled on the floor at my side or plopped on top of one of my boys, happily snuggling.)

    I wish you a wonderful party... and a little opulence now and then is just what the doctor ordered.


  5. Beautiful photos here Marsha make my heart sing! Especially those cute adorable dogs, puppies get me every time! Love that wrapping paper & deer cutout...great idea! Merry Christmas

  6. Hope your party is a huge hit, as I'm sure it will be. Can I asked, where'd you find that first photo? I could swear it's one of my stepmother's dog cards!!!!!

  7. Parties can be stressful to host but it sounds like your is shaping up wonderfully! I love the pictures you used for this post, especially the labs!



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