Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Simple Things of Christmas

these are the kinds of images I always conjure when I think
of happiness at Christmas time.

you can find the recipe @ the RecipeCritic

I wouldn't dream of having someone visit during the holidays without offering them something
wonderful both to eat & drink, and with the beginning of another artic blast arriving today this
White Hot Chocolate looks fabulous 

Coconut Christmas Snowballs
recipe found 

find these guys

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Sharon @ Novara Way said...

OMG! I'm sitting here reading blogs and you post this wonderful looking drink. It's cold outside and I'm now craving the hot white chocolate....instead, I'm off to shop your store. I will soon be distracted by lovely little things!
Happy Holidays,

Catherine Robinson said...

The glass of white hot chocolate looks delicious...simple pleasures...our blog party was a huge success, congratulations to you Marsha...some fabulous parties we were invited too :)
Happy Weekend xx

Lauren said...

The White Hot Chocolate look amazing!


Teresa Hatfield said...

I am dreaming of white chocolate now! It is cold here too! And the cookies are beautiful! How gorgeous can the horses be? Headed over.

Anonymous said...

Those coconut snowballs look delicious. This is a great little collection of seasonal flavors and images.

Marie Angelique

therelishedroost said...

Those two horses look like the horses that are at my daughters high school , and belong to the grounds keeper! I love them!!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Wish I had a cup of that white hot cocoa! Will definitely try that,


Lily Seymour said...

Just came across your Blog, simply stunning!

The enchanted home said...

Those snowballs look heavenly! I am craving them at 7am:)

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

Even though we are in the midst of summer here, that white hot chocolate looks mouthwatering! x Sharon

Cindy Albert said...

It has been soooooo cold! I would definitely go for the hot chocolate!

NewlyLoved said...

totally following and can't wait to see more
xo Jessica

Denise | DLP Interiors said...

Love the picture of the horses! Wish that was at my house!

Glamour Drops said...

Even though it's summer haha…it's absolutely freezing this morning here so i could happily go for a hot chocolate...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to make those snowball cookies! A family friend made them years and years ago but I never got a copy of the recipe! Thank you Marsha! You are the best! :)