Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

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aren't these the sweetest photos?

it is very very cold in Houston  
with sleeting rain and a possibility of snow.

believe me, no one in Houston knows how to handle this weather...
everything closes, traffic is at a stand-still,
schools don't open.

it's movie-watching weather...
it would be so nice to have cold without RAIN.



Ann said...

Too cute!

Francesca Muir said...

I love those photos Marsha - she is such a talented photographer. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. F xx

Colleen Taylor said...

Those photos are incredibly special. Keep warm & dry. It's in the mid 70's & gorgeously sunny in Arizona.

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hope that by you there in Huston coming SNOW,much much snow,dear friend!:)*
Here is Nolland only rainy and a very grey days and it looks more Autumn then Winter weather,unfortunately....

Thankyou so much for share these SO cute images:)))*
I saved them,it makes my heart warm and smile!


Maryanne The Garden said...

darling photos.......but winter..........."I am no longer amused!"

Heather Robinson said...

Very, very sweet and beautifully done too. :) Stay safe please! I know that here in Provence, the instant that there is a millimeter of snow on the roads, folks freak out. And stay warm too.