Thursday, January 16, 2014


so excited to show you this beautiful necklace, 
and there's only 1.

bronze and turquoise flat crystals
faceted in the most subtle way,
there is not a lot of sparkle & shine...only a hint.

& it's not a large piece at all.

photos taken outside in the sunlight so you see the true colors.

can you even imagine how pretty on tan skin for summer?
or right now to make our winter seem brighter?

this is a very opulent piece and looks so much more expensive.

reverse side

as I said, there is only ONE piece.

to order please email me




therelishedroost said...

OOh that is so beautiful! Love it!!

Lauren said...

Those two necklaces are beautiful, I am in love with the first one!


Sue Marrazzo said...

What a NICE Collar necklace....It is so lovely!

Mrs. Jones & Co. said...

Absolutely stunning. I believe that is called a statement piece.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Such beautiful necklaces. If I were working I would be wanting one of them, but since I am retired I have so much jewelry that I never wear. You really have beautiful items.