Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's Springtime in Houston

don't you just LOVE this little flower arrangement?
I am a fresh flower nut!
I need them around me, I mist them every day, sometimes 2X a day, 
to keep them fresh.

when I walk into a room the absence of flowers strikes me.
when they are there I feel like it's home.

Spring flowers

the images below from Tatler April 2014

outfit below from Delpozo

our trees have changed overnight, from barren to bursting forth with little green buds.
driving down the street you realize how suddenly nature can change the landscape,
& it's so beautiful.

yesterday, at the grocer, they had big fluffy Boston ferns for only $9.99,
giant hibiscus trees for $39.95,
and big pots of geranium for $19.95.

i didn't have room in the car for all that I wanted.

so, this misty afternoon I'm going outside to rake leaves, do a little physical labor,
and make plans for the spring plantings.

& I'm gonna love every minute, my hair will be a disaster, but I don't care.

have a great day, ladies !!



Maryanne The Garden said...

Enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, your garden will thank you for it.


Eliza Beth said...

That flower arrangement is stunning!
So glad that spring has arrived and you are starting to see its glorious changes outside!
Have a great weekend.

Veronica said...

Hi gorgeous Marsha!!! I have come for a visit and some inspiration! And what better place than Splenderosa! As gorgeous as ever. I am just dying to get back to regular blogging and miss you all so very much!!! Sending Love and hugs.... Veronica

Lauren said...

I am so happy that green buds are finally on the tree! I love the little flower arrangements!


Josephine Chicatanyage said...

Beautiful colours. The spring blossoms are out here in London too. It is magical.

Babycakes said...

Are the Blue Bonnets out yet? I remember hillsides covered in these beautiful blue wildflowers.

Leslie said...

Such a lovely arrangement of flowers! I'm so glad you are starting with your gardening. I think most of us are ready to transition into spring. I had to smile with your hair comment;) It's all part of it! Have fun:)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh my dearest Marsha,
How absolutely gorgeous is you post... Full of flowers and a very fresh wind,wich tell
Us about wonderful colourful life ahead!!!
Amazed about all you choices,dear friend:)))

I am faraway again,by my Mom in Russia...
But I think about you always:)))