Friday, March 7, 2014

Torn Jeans...I Need Some Help With This....

 I have postponed this post until after all the
Fall Fashion Shows were over.

but this is something I really do not understand.

&, hey, I've even seen pics of Olivia Palermo wearing torn jeans & a tee
when she's out walking her dog in NYC.


to me, this is pitiful.
I even said this to one of my fellow bloggers when she put up a photo of herself in
an otherwise awesome outfit.  
&, yes, we're still speaking.

I understand fashion totally.
this has been my business for decades.
I understand the trends of the youth. I understand fads.

but, once out of college, why would any girl/woman want to look like this?

could you guys help me with this?

I know a lot of happening ladies read Splenderosa and I appreciate your opinions very much.

it's just that, for me, it looks like "everyone else does it" kinda thing.

please take a look at the previous post showing some of the
coming merchandise for Spring.

soon to come, also, semi-precious jewelry.

have a great Spring-like weekend !!



  1. I've never been into deliberately torn jeans. I agree.

    Now I have had much loved jeans that I've worn so many times that the knees start to wear out, but once i realize that they are threadbare because my knees are getting a breeze, that means they usually are headed to the trash.

  2. I actually really like torn jeans on a lazy day, they are so comfortable!


    1. Lauren, on you they are likely fabulous!

  3. I could not agree more, Marsha. This "fad" makes absolutely no sense to me at all for as you say, "once out of college" women desiring to look their best. I'm relieved to know it's not just me and my advancing years who thinks this way. I'm looking forward to seeing your new spring items.

  4. You were very polite when you commented Marsha:). As one would expect. You just told me you could never wear an outfit like that....We are still friends.

    Here are the offending jeans, and their offending knee.

    1. Lisa, I actually was not referring to you. And, I didn't realize your jeans were torn.
      Too too funny. And, I love you just the way you are!!!

    2. Oh how funny! To be fair, my jeans were only a little bit torn, and when I bought them they were only distressed, but still, I own my hippiehood. After all, I'm in Northern California:). <3

    3. OMG, hippydom. Totally forgot. My bad !!

  5. I'm with you on this on Marsha. I love my jeans but have never gone for the "bare-knee" look ;-)

  6. Marsha,

    I could not agree with you more, I do not understand the trend myself. But then again I rarely wear jeans.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Lizzy...I don't wear jeans often either. Just not "me."

  7. I am in my 40's (OK late 40's but still 40's lol) and I cannot stand it. To me it looks like someone trying too hard. If you are 21 or under, you get a free pass but over that, for me its a big fat NO. Just my 2 cents but the bottom line is to wear what makes you happy and what you feel comfortable in:)

    1. I just knew you would feel this way. Thank you thank you thank you, Tina Poo!

  8. Marsha, I am hearing you. There's a lovely aesthetic in frayed and torn fabrics; but denim usually doesn't achieve this. I work in a non-uniform school (very rare in AUS) it's a mainstream learning place...where frayed and torn is stated as being not acceptable per our written dress code. Well, it's a real battle. Students are just utterly flummoxed when you say 'frayed and torn' is not allowed. They just can't get their heads around 'why'! :S !! Xx

  9. I love jeans, I love soft, worn-in, lived-in, broken-in jeans, but this is just A Bridge Too Far. I'm not against some naturally occurring wear and tear, but the "pre-distressed" jeans and huge rips and holes just strike me as affectations.

  10. You know, I'm not a "jeans" girl either. To me they are not all.

  11. Oh yes, I also understand fashion totally, even though I don't wear the lastest creams of fashion, I do get it!!! I was a fashion coordinator in NYC and In rodeo Drive when I lived in LA....and I do wear nice dark blue jeans with a White shirt and a RL navy blazer and pumps or boots........BUT!, the torn jeans are STUPID!!!!!! That's all I got to say!

    1. Fabby, I know you know. So, that's it and that's all!!

  12. I confess to owning and wearing some torn jeans-really more distressed and not gaping holes but still-with sweaters and boots. Then again, I am in the mountains of Colorado, and probably owning my "hippie-dom" a bit, too.

  13. Well, you said it..."more distressed and not gaping holes." That's OK. The rips and tears are not, in my opinion.

  14. Marsha, Thanks for your note on the blog. Funny about torn jeans. I don't know why, but I do love the ones I have for casual days with a cute sweater. They just give it a Bohemian kind of vibe. That said, they don't look nice for going out. I think they are really just for fun.
    Hope you have a nice weekend! x

  15. Torn jeans... it's just another way to market an already super successful product.. :) It does amuse me that jeans will be bought that are totally ripped/ruined... at super high prices...

    I don't wear them... although I live in jeans... simply because I feel that my "ripped" days are over... A little tiny rip here and there... maybe... but that's all...

    If I were younger I might though.... ;) xv

  16. I agree I don't get this look either. I recently fell over when walking in the mountains as was so relieved that I did not tear my jeans.

  17. I'm with you on this one Marsha... Why would I pay good money for clothing that is "worn out" I also don't understand garments that are frayed with no hem. I'm sure its my age (65) but all of this baffles me. Still the young can pretty much pull anything off. When I was 25 I use to wear a pair of shorts I made by cutting off an old pair of jeans and splitting the sides. My mother about croaked. LOL I thought I was fabulous. Hindsight 20/20

  18. Marsha, I am like you, in that I don't wear Jeans much, it is just not me...I don't want to look like everyone else around me ((((: But I am the 80's fashion child and totally wore those ripped jeans then and appreciate the look to some degree, at least you can look different with different rips (: I do like the bare knee on the first image, kinda if one has her perfect hot knees, but not sure I would wear it today, well I would not ...probably, at this age I prefer CHIc er image...hilarious what fashion traps are out there!
    hugs and happy international women's day!! Z

    Hi Marsha,
    YES!!! I could NOT agree with you MORE!! They look simply awful! And then to go buy and pay for new jeans that LOOK this way is total idiocy!

    So here is my take: You are a very sophisticated confident LADY who wants to look ‘nice’ all the time, even when gardening… and you understand the levels of fashion and non-fashion…just looking good in jeans, T-shirt, cute bag, wearing sandals, and a sun hat while walking the dog at 7 AM… or just looking relaxed and cool doing whatever as well as elegant for whatever occasion!!! You are SECURE!!! You are comfortable in your OWN skin…even as it ages…(grr….)

    99% of these young gals and/or Hollywood types…are INSECURE!!! So…they are afraid to let go of what others think of them, thus they CLING to the latest fad, or even stupid youthful trends because they can’t bear the thought of not fitting in, not being cool, not appearing like the teenage army in rags and backward baseball caps (soooo stupid!)…and NEED the constant affirmation of everyone around them…and the same goes for older gals that have never left all this behind and are still acting it out in their appearance at age 60!! What fashion fools!!! Can you just imagine them at 80…one could only roll the eyes and say, “bless all their little hearts!” When will they ever feel secure? In whom and on what do they put their faith? The mirror??? Egad…they will forever be disappointed, as Proverbs tells them!

    That’s not to say that we all don’t have some insecurities…that is the plight of the human race…but having to LOOK in the mirror 24/7/365 and appear like a 14 year old and needing to get constant oral and pictorial affirmation is ludicrous and any person over age 20 should know better and be on their way to more sensible things on the outside, even if they still feel a little insecurity on the inside, like everyone!!

    That’s my 2 cents! Bet you are watching spring flowers begin to bloom…we’re just hope the 2 feet of snow still on the ground will MELT soon!

    Hugs, Mary

  20. I think they are suppose to be SEXY!Also, as Kim said BOHEMIAN looking…………I doNOT own a pair nor would spend the $$ to own a pair,but I much prefer this to the young men who are still wearing their pants way TOO LOW!Can anyone explain that look to us?

  21. I could not agree more. I think it is follow the leader mentality. a bad choice. Yes it is fun for KIDS not even young adults. Unless you are in the garden.....I agree with you completely.

  22. I'm in my 50's and for some reason I love this look! I live in jeans and have a ripped pair I wear on weekends. I'm not brave enough to wear them everywhere. I'm also too cheap to buy them ripped, so my grandson and I had fun doing it ourselves. But I am a California hippie, so maybe that explains it. :-)

    1. Oh, you are waaaay too young to be a hippie! But, I am happy you embrace your own personal vibe. However, I'll bet you don't wear them with highheels do you? :)'s

  23. I love to wear jeans, it is my turn-to comfort clothing I have been known to tear the knee of a jean while gardening/riding etc and you can be sure it is always the most comfortable pair that gets torn, but I no longer wear them torn outside of my garden .... these days there are limits!
    My girls sometimes wear torn jeans, and I have no problem with that, although I prefer the tear at knee height to thigh!
    love to you Marsha

    1. Sharon, would you believe this? Today I went shopping and my favorite person was waiting on me, and she brought out these torn jeans with rhinestone patches across the threadbare portions. I almost died with laughter! They did not come home with me. Of course, of course, we all have ragged things we wear outside in our own gardens (yep, even me) and those are perfectly acceptable. Again, I say not with highheels and a blazer. Your girls get a pass, they're young, let them wear anything their little hearts desire. Love this comment !!!

  24. In a word, well, two words, it's stupid. Really stupid. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA

  25. Everyone else does it. Well, doesn't that just say it all? Actually, not only torn jeans as fashion, but hasn't the world seen enough jeans? Jeans, jeans, jeans. Enough, already! There is a life and a world outside denim.

    Cheers from England, Rosemary from

  26. I had to scroll up and make sure I hadn't commented already! I read this post last night; and we were losing one hour; I was in such a state I could hardly sleep! Do I have an opinion!!! (I am afraid I always do!)

    This is not a recent fad! When our middle daughter was in high school (she will be 49 in July!!) her best friend's parents saw her in her "favorite jeans"! (free dress day; they had uniforms) She was 16! She had on her treasured ripped jeans; both parents leapt up at the breakfast table; the father grabbed the bottom of one leg; the mother the other! And ripped the bottoms of both legs off! at the knees!! (the funniest part of this is these parents were the most kind and lovely people!!!

    They put them in the garbage can! (she skipped school and came back to retrieve them!!)

    We are talking 33 years ago!

    My husband likes jeans on people on horseback. Here is what his philosophy is: "jeans are not elegant for day wear, in my opinion, except on people who work in farm-related jobs!. Jeans are great for farm-related jobs! I, personally, do not think elegant women of any age look elegant in jeans!" (Just his opinion!) We have three daughters; and three granddaughters! None of them wear "jeans" in front of him; (except the one who goes to
    Thacher; a boarding school in Ojai, Ca. where she has a horse! He thinks she looks very chic in jeans there!!!)
    It takes a village, doesn't it?

    I remember Al Capp's comic strip in the 50's,60's 70's??? Dogpatch USA?? There was a nearby town called "Upper Slobbovia; and the next one over "Lower Slobbovia"! We all live there now. I am afraid. Men out to dinner in "running shoes" and shorts. Socks and sandals. It is pretty grim out there. What happened?Dirty clothes go out to dinner in nice restaurants!!

    YIKES!!! Baseball hats kept on men at dinner? WHAT?????? In nice and lovely restaurants?? Just last night in Montecito. YUCK!!!

    Cell phones and texting all through dinner?!? All over the place! (I think the shoes and socks and baseball hats are even worse!)

    I sound like my Granny! "the world is going to hell in a hand basket!" My Granny circa 1956!!

    There you go! Please keep up the great posts! Elegance might have a chance to return!!!

    I love YOU and can't wait to see your new and elegant jewelry!


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