Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's "BY INVITATION ONLY" An International Blog Party

International Blog Party
Hello everyone, and Happy Springtime!
& once we have Spring we naturally think of vacations and holidays, don't we?

& some new, vitally needed apparel, shoes, bags, jewelry, oh well,
all types of accessories actually.
they are my most fun things to purchase, and I think long and hard about many of these
items 'cause they will have to work hard to be in my closet.


a couple of us members of our lovely little group thought how much fun it would be
to dream of going on a cruise,

yep, something like the ship you see below would be OK...

until you've actually been on a cruise it's so easy to say, "I would be bored, there are only old people, or there may be children, or there's nothing to do but eat."

once you've been, you know none of that is true.

what it is is the most amazing luxury known to man.

and the 1st time you drive up to the dockside and see these magnificent floating hotels/resorts
your breath is quite simply taken away.

however, none of that has anything to do with our subject for this month,

which is

Name the Top 10 Items You Could Not Leave at Home

& the really wonderful thing about a cruise is that you don't have to worry
about what you take with you (unless you fly to your port of departure).
there's actually lots of room in the cabins for anything you can think of,
however, again...this is not the subject.

OK, for me we are going to have to forget makeup here, this is the absolutely TOP thing I must have, but for this list we are going to be more esoteric...

1.Kindle Fire
cause I love to sit on deck and read, read, read
(& talk to people)

this counts as ONE item though it could be many,
I also use them for shawls, or even to cover a hideous lampshade (I know),
so much cuter than a cover-up of the American kind.

this works for me with tee shirts & almost everything

3. Brilliant Sandals to go everywhere
Birkenstocks (believe it)

Giuseppe Zanotti high heel pumps

4. Huge Sunglasses
(preferably Tom Ford)

5. A Zip-Lock Bag Filled with Flax Seed
I mix it with yogurt each morning.

6.  JEWELRY  (plural)

7. Diamond Stud Earrings
to wear every single moment

8.  A Journal to Write in By Hand
I love making notes of silly stuff, what I was thinking when I saw a beautiful wave break,
how hard we laughed in the Karaoke Bar, how we got lost but loved every moment, etc.

9.  A Mason Jar
to bring back the most beautiful sea water in the world.

10.  Gifts, little thank-you gifts, for the young ladies who serve you.
I always take simple pieces of my Splenderosa jewelry, enough so that
I can hand each one of them a remembrance.
I still chat on FB with one of the girls from Slovenia who served us
brilliantly on 2 different cruises.

these are the top 10 things,
but you know we will have 2 outfits for each day, shoes, bags, etc.
I love dining at the elegant restaurants on board the ships,
not the regular dining rooms, but the more up-scale ones
where you can have a 5-course gourmet meal for $40.  :)'s,
they, you see, I have a reason to dress up more.

Zac Posen


I go to the spa

I get my hair done, then I sit outside and enjoy the views.   Does this make sense?
Of course not.

I have breakfast in our cabin

I also love sleeping late, and I love not worrying about anything,
not even knowing what time it is.


I am so happy to welcome 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick of  Vintage Hen House

Jennifer Connolly of The Well-Styled Life

Jeanne McKay of I Dream Of

please try to visit each member who posted today,
and remember, next month will be our last post before our
summer hiatus for June/July/August
so we NEED to see you !!



Glamour Drops said...

I love the idea of bringing home the most beautiful seawater in the world….now that would make the memories last so beautifully!

Have always scoffed at cruises but lately, have been reprimanded by so many people who are going on them and loving them that I think I have been too hasty in my judgements….

LaPouyette said...

Simply lovely, dear Marsha!
Love the Birkenstock sandales :), so comfortable but would not fit in my small "sailing" suitcase, love the Pareo (forgotten about, always had/have at least 2 with me), and last but not least - your item No. 9 the Mason jar! What a wonderful idea, what a wonderful souvenir!

Heather Robinson said...

Ooh, if I owned dimond studs, I would wear them everywhere too! ;) Ah you are such a glamazon, my dear Marsha. Alas, my post is not quite so...but at least for once, I did stick to the theme! hehehe Looking forward to seeing what the others have cooked up and to welcoming our new friends...

Jennifer Connolly said...

Your sea water idea is brilliant, Marsha!! Of course I would need comfortable shoes too. I completely forgot to mention my cosmetics...because I would not be caught dead with out it...so it's an "of course", like you. Wonderful darling!! xoxoJennifer

D. A. Wolf said...

Marsha, You make me giggle. (No fooling.) "Jewelry (plural)" - Now why didn't I think of that when it came to shoes???

And a mason jar! Fabulous.

I love this post!

I Dream Of said...

Such a wonderful topic, Marsha, and just perfect for early spring when it feels like we should be able to play outside but the weather keeps playing April Fool's jokes! Love your list and thank you for the invitation to join this super-talented group, and for the warm welcome.

Hope the rest of your week is nothing but smooth sailing! XOXO

La Contessa said...

BIRKENSTOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!Now, that I would have NEVER guessed!!But the GOLD intrigues me!!
I know that was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!Am I correct???
THANK YOU one more time for including me in this CIRCLE of LADIES that CIRCLE the GLOBE!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

No, seriously, Birkenstocks at Nordstrums. About $159.
I thought it was a joke too, but I actually like them and think they would be really comfortable. And, GOLD?
It's just SO us. xx's

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Of course you travel in style, Marsha! Love the Mason jar idea: brilliant!! xo

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Saw on Tish's site that you've been ill. So sorry to hear it! And Feel Better! It's Spring, after all.
Oh and my ten things:

Several shawls
Book... a real one
Comfortable shoes
Locket with Edward and Apple’s photo inside
Vitamin C
Dior Addict lipstick
Gummy Bears
Bonine... for raucous ferry journeys


Sunday Taylor said...

How fun! I have never considered going on a cruise before, but now I feel quite tempted. You have made it very enticing. Such a dreamy post!

Things and Thoughts said...

An enjoyable post, really wonderful ! I'm going to follow you Marsha and thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I don't know how I missed this post...this is the perfect topic and I adore your pics...although I never would have had you for a Birkenstock girl! xoxo

Tamera Beardsley said...

Oh Marsha … I just adore not only your style … but the way you live your life with such intentional beauty! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on living so beautifully! I have never considered a cruise … but you have shown the lifestyle infused with such glamour and elegance … I am truly intrigued!

By the way, I have recently purchased a white Birkenstock sandal … after dismissing them my entire life … I must say … they are an absolute perfect shoe for the beach and garden … and glamping in our Airstream! They are the first shoe I have owned … that truly bridge the gift of comfort … with a summer trend! They will most likely remain a staple in my coastal style … long after their moment in the trend spotlight.

Thank you for producing such an inspiring site … it is the perfect Saturday morning … coffee in hand destination!


Veronica said...

Hello dear Marsha, I finally get to sit down and enjoy everyone's cruise essentials! Gold Birkenstocks...yes please!!!! Wouldn't it be fun if all of the BIO could meet on a cruise ? Can you just imagine it....all night chatter of fabulous dimensions.... Love your header Marsha and just the whole feel of visiting here again after a long time. Thanks for your lovely comment. Much Love. Veronica xxx