Monday, April 21, 2014

Pretty Perfect & A FABULOUS GIVEAWAY ....

I am so loving this look, and she looks "finished" and "polished" even though
she's wearing an elastic waisted skirt or shorts...the dotted hosiery transforms
this outfit into an elegant & lady-like look.
the cross-body bag completes it.






you can see some of the others on our sidebar 
& on our website HERE

we are very proud to offer our 

this gorgeous, beautifully made

9" Long X  7.4" High X   3.7" Wide
45” adjustable and detachable strap
Inside: 1 zipper pocket and 1 open holders
1 zipper pocket at back
Gold hardware

you can even choose your color, dependent upon availability

Retail Value $ 150.00


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Apr7216  Beige

Apr7216  Beige

hot pink
Apr7216  Beige

Apr7216  Beige

sunshine yellow
Apr7216  Beige

Apr7216  Beige

To Enter

must be a Splenderosa follower

leave a comment telling us why you would like to win this bag.

the winner may choose any color which is then available.

contest will be open throughout this week,
ending Friday at midnight central (Houston) time.

for 2 more chances to win, 
please post about the giveaway on your blog 
and let us know.

good luck to all, and I cannot wait to see who wins !
this is so much fun for me too!

giveaway open only to residents of the USA & Canada,
unless one is willing to pay the shipping costs to send anywhere else.
sorry, girls.



donna baker said...

Marsha, I'd love to own one of those bags. For many years I have shopped high end stores for sunglasses, purses and shoes, scarves and wraps. My husband is not well and now semi-retired. I decided that after 42 years married to the same man, I am going to start saving money. I'm no longer going to buy designer clothing, et al.

zanetastyle said...

Hi Marsha, the look you chose is really very cool and French elegance due to the tights(: Love cross body bags as they are so awsome with kids ...hands free and your bags are beautiful!
hugs Z

Flournoyfrance said...

I have been searching for the PERFECT PINK bag & I think I have found it!

Rita said...

I absolutely love this bag and would love to show it off at the hospital I volunteer at - also my daughters both would love it.
Thank you again for a wonderful blog. Look forward to reading and seeing all the beautiful articles and items each day.


Marsha Splenderosa said...

Completely understand, Donna. All lives are cycles. You are just in a different cycle now.
Rock on, darling.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Yep, young mommies would love this cross body style. Good luck, Zaneta.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Ahhh, I love that pink also. xx's for visiting me.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Kudos to you for volunteering at the hospital! All of us need to do some of this type thing, no matter how small. And, thank you for the lovely compliment. I treasure my readers who enjoy my blog. xx's

Talia said...

What a beautiful bag in any color! I'd be thrilled to show off this bag at my girls graduation from College. They will both graduate (one under graduate and the other post graduate) in just a few weeks time. I am so proud as they have paid their own way, and are making a wonderful future for themselves.

Talia said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Marcia,
Thank You for this generous offer! I would LOVE to win.
I wear cross body bags exclusively, and one of these would
enhance all of my outfits!! I am intending you had a
Lovely Easter Celebration. Warmly, Chris Klein

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Chris, I am so happy to hear from you !
I love them too, especially for travelling.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Big congrats on your daughter's graduations. This is HUGE !!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh my....
One of the cutest Give away ever,Marsha!!!
Thankyou so much for giving this chance...:)))
Withought hand bag is your outfit is NOT complete,absolutely NOT,ladies....!!!
And this one treasure is a one of the cutest bags for all of your wishes!:)))

Wish for each and everyone a big success...
And I want to be a happy winner too!:)))


Lauren said...

I love that outfit!


sydney85 said...

I am a huge fan of crossbody handbags. Big enough for essentials and comfortable to wear all day especially when shopping and using public transport.

Jennifer Connolly said...

I would love to win this bag. I'm loving the new cross body shapes but adore the texture on yours!! Enjoy your week darling. xoxo

afalcon08 said...

Hi Marcia! I would love to win one of your lovely bags. My 21 y/o daughter recently graduated college and she is trying to build her wardrobe and accessories for the corporate world that she works in and you know how important it is to have good quality classic pieces. I think one of your bags would be an excellent way for her to start!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Absolutely! Isn't it wonderful that practical is also VERY stylish.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

We are so fortunate to have this special resource. These bags are all Italian leather of the highest quality.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

You know what, it absolutely is very important to have great accessories. They make the outfit. Live or die by accessories.

Miranda Ward said...

I follow on GFC ~ Miranda Ward
I would love to win this bag for my mom it would make a great mothers day gift

Anonymous said...

I recently switched to using cross-body bags and love the "hands-free" approach. Having 2 zipped areas is great for organization. What a perfect bag! AND gorgeous, too!!!!


The Permanent Tourist said...

I love your giveaway's dear Marsha! I'm still not receiving posts in my inbox, but remember to make my way to your site no matter what! I would love this's GREAT looking! Your taste is, as always, impeccable! I'll be mentioning this in my post tomorrow at The Permanent Tourist!

Rusthawk said...

I'm following you on G+ and GFC. The sunshine yellow bag would be perfect for a burst of color with my spring outfits. Thanks!!

D. A. Wolf said...

So exciting! This is a classic. (I wear cross body bags all the time... I'm a Big City Girl at heart, and that's how we do it.)

Brava, Marsha!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Hi Marsha - I would like to be included in your contest giveaway for the beautiful crossbody bag in black of course. I couldn't find where I could submit my name so I hope you will accept this email. I'm the person who bought one of your gorgeous black bags but then we were disappointed when the vendor was sold out. I love your style and would love to own this crossbody. . . this way I can channel your stylish self!! P.S - I'm salivating over another one of your bigger bags, just not sure which color I want. Any way, take care and I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Marsha Splenderosa said...

Julie, you are IN. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, my friend.

va said...

gfc new follower va and on google plus - moominu mi
i would like to win this because it is looking like a good quality made bag and it's leather which means it will last . I also like the mini size of it .

Talia said...

Thank you!

Emm said...

After a long time of shoulder bags, I'm coming around to liking the cross-body ones. Especially the more recent ones, which are very spiffy and of manageable size. Yours are particularly nice, and I'd love to win one. Don't have a separate blog, alas, so this is my only entry comment.

Rayray Cartucci said...

I really would love a new bag...mine is boring and cheap and I have been really hoping to win a bag I can't afford. Thanks
GFC follower

msaustin said...

Hi Marsha!

I absolutely love this bag! I have always admired your taste and this bag is a perfect example. I would love to win and wear this bag and now that I am living in Austin I could promote your beautiful handbags as I am sure I would receive many compliments on it.

Hope you had a lovely Easter!


Diane Hoaglund Kennedy

La Contessa said...

CITRINE!!!A MUST HAVE FOR THIS CONTESSA!CAUSE THATS MY COLOR!I call it the EUROPEAN does not see it too often here.The Italian men use to wear pants in this color when I lived there many moons ago......I love it!So, win or NO WIN I will PURCHASE after the contest is looks LOVERLY MARSHA.......all the bags do!

Heather Lindstrom said...

Marsha dear-thank you for stopping by Stylemindchic Life to let me know about the giveaway. These bags are fabulous. I'm swooning over these and the ones on your latest post. You have incredible taste. What a fun giveaway. I see that you and I are both huge fans of green and the citrine is calling my name on this spring day. I've shared the giveaway on google+ and twitter. Thank you for thinking of me.
xx, Heather

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Oh Marsha,
I love, love the texture of this bag. Embossed alligator - way too cool. A girl can never own too many bags and this one's size, strap length and texture make it perfection. This is a very generous giveaway.


Portia Smith said...

I'm a mom that needs something fashionable when I'm not sporting my diaper bag lol!

Honor said...

Handsome bag! Would love chance to win one. Now which color...

Meena said...

I would love to win this because it would be great to carry with me to my daughter's graduation ceremony. This bag is absolutely beautiful and would be the perfect outfit maker!

Meena said...

Blogged about the giveaway:

tweetyscute said...

I would love to have this bag because I need a new purse