Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"By Invitation Only" May Post + A GIVEAWAY

International Blog Party

Welcome to the final installment of our lovely 
By Invitation Only
until September, when we resume.

Firstly, and very importantly, I would like to announce the newest member of our
international group:

Pamela Terry
From the House of Edward

that's Edward in the pic with Pamela, just fyi.

also our brilliant writer & blogger,
Elizabeth Smith Otty
Mon Avis Mes Ami
has just published "Ten Tales Told" on Kindle,
let's all support her with this effort and hop on over to Amazon
to see her collection which is about $3.00

Now, on to the topic of today...

5 Things That Make Us Crazy

you cannot miss one episode of this short, certainly witty, and very varied series of posts
from each of our participants.

I really had to think about this because there are probably many things I don't like,
but deal with in a consciously nice way.

then there are THE FIVE

believe it or not, here in Texas, the tests to obtain licenses is given IN VIETNAMESE!
Seriously?  you ask for something specific and you never have an idea IF they understand,
that is until you see the results of what they try to do.


“Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.” 
― Elsie De Wolfe

have we said goodbye to manners?  I know it is discussed from time to time on our blogs and
it is one of the most missed behaviors in my life.
I grew up with a grand grandmother who insisted we all learn proper deportment or comportment
at early ages, it was required and it was instilled into our little heads so that it became
you all know where this is going, so I won't say it.


friends who do not know when to stop talking.
who procrastinate, who complain they have no time (because they procrastinate),
and who think they know something about any subject mentioned (even if they don't).
but who, otherwise, are wonderful people.


cars without a GPS,
can anyone even imagine what us girls did before a navigation system?
or people who drive cars with nav, but never bothered to learn how to use it.
this kinda goes for computer-illiterate people in general.


 the amazing amount of time it takes to deal with
FaceBook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.
this should make a whole bunch of people unhappy,
but, seriously, I am too busy with my family, my dogs, my friends,
planning holidays, visiting friends, going out to dinner,
cooking dinner (sometimes), getting from one end of town to the other,
selecting merchandise for my shop, taking a bath, washing my hair,
getting a mani-pedi and sometimes a facial
to do all this computer stuff.
I also know there is not one person on Earth who would think all I do
is so special that I must talk about it or take pictures of it & post it on the www
for all to see, or NO ONE to see.

only rule
you must be a follower & leave a comment

Ring & Earrings
Vermeil with Pave Crystals

(ring comes in whole sizes only)

Please visit all of the members who are participating today,
I know how much it means to receive a lovely comment.

& a quick pic of Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, La Contessa...
wearing Splenderosa earrings...
would you LOOK at those roses?



  1. haha….love your list Marsha….your #2 is on my list too!!!…and I have a sneaking suspicion it would/should be on the whole world's list as well….
    I assume they can take the test in English OR Vietnamese?

    And sister I hear you on the last point…it's all very time consuming, and I am waiting for the backlash against it all…have closed down my Facebook and rarely use the other mediums but still adore blogging and the friendships & shared thoughts/ conversations which come through it.

    Looking forward to reading everybody's posts…

  2. I didn't even think of yours, but of course your number 2 drives me wild!! Number 5 is a given, how does anyone find the time for all this social media?? Can't wait to see what others have come up with. xo

  3. A fun post, Marsha...and the ring and earrings are beautiful.
    See you in September ;) xx

  4. I've never even sat in a car with GPS! It's the old ruffled map here.
    So true about that last point, I was doing all my bloggy admin this morning, it really should be a paid job, it takes ages.

  5. Great topic this month...and I concur on each of yours!!! Great giveaway!! xoxo

  6. How very kind of you to mention my book; just proving that number two has not yet got to us all. My granny would consider the deed half-done if we did not immediately write a thank you note for a present and was not above removing presents from the recipient if the little note was not penned quickly enough for her sensibilities. It has left me with a lasting panic when I am given a gift and an inexhaustible supply of note cards...

  7. This was a great topic for our BIO subject this month Marsha ……. we are all driven crazy by so many different things, aren't we ? What a diverse bunch we are { although, we do cross over on some things ! } XXXX

  8. Love the ring! This was a fun topic and I can't wait to start reading everyone's.
    Have a wonderful summer Marsha!

  9. People who think they know something (everything?) and expound on the subject... at great length. Yes. And the time for social media, much as we love it! Yes! And manners / etiquette (in. all. things...). A triple yes on that one.


  10. Marsha door knocker rings, they are so smart looking.
    Have a great Mothers Day. yvonne

  11. Love it.....5 was a big one for me too. Enough is enough! And yes I do have a few friends who seem to know everything about everything (but I still love them)...this was fun and therapeutic, I realized there are a lot of things I would like to change:) Great giveaway...please count me in!

  12. Hi Marsha, This was such a great topic this month, I think we are all on the same page! I totally agree with you on your No.5 as well, yes, time is so precious and our children grow up so fast. As much as I love my internet world, I know how important it is to also turn off "everything" on the computer and get out and just smell the roses. xxx

  13. Good Morning!
    Adore your list.............I am right there with YA!
    Need direction on how to link up at the bottom as the Mister Wiget man will not allow me to sign in!
    Nothing knew there but if YOU girls can do it; I certainly can learn!This whole experience is going to do wonders for my computer skills!

  14. No GPS in my car. Old school maps for me! Beautiful ring and earrings. Please include me for a chance to win. Thanks!

  15. Fun topic, Marsha! I'm crazy for the ring and earrings! Hope you have a crazy-free day. XOXO

  16. #1 made me laugh! My 5 year old granddaughter went to a recent mani/pedi with her mother. She is learning Chinese in her kindergarten class...so she tried her new language out at the nail salon! It was so funny...because the manicurist spoke Vietnamese and not Chinese so no one knew what she was saying! The shoe was on the other foot. LOL
    The jewelry is beautiful!!

  17. My dear Marsha
    Well, I read your post earlier on today, before facing a challenge....your quote and beautiful advice helped me to deal with this with grace..thankyou ( my grandmother would have been proud)
    I am with you on all your points, so true about the overload of techno these days but there is one huge exception....around one year ago I found this mystical exquisite world which has given me so, so much pleasure, delight and more inspiration than I can even believe......your world of blogs.
    You are so talented and creatively gifted, and to write and share this beauty as you do, I thank you so very much from my heart... I enjoy every minute
    Sending much love to you xx

  18. Your list is great...#5 is being tackled daily now with giving myself a set timer, when it rings I am finished, no matter what, for the day. Freedom flies as I unhook myself more and more. The jewelry is lovely.

  19. You are awesome. I agree with all of the above. I need to spend less time on my Facebook. Seriously, if I have a friend going on vacation I feel the immediate need to see all of their pictures. True fact and one that I am seeking to change. Thanks for the wake up call! Have a fabulous week! :)

  20. Marsha,
    The #2 is one of favorites here.............had to laugh when I read this!
    I want to read all posts of the members:)*

    Such very nice Give Away!!! So romantic and tender.....


  21. Wow!!! I think you could do a post on just manners. Seems the topic comes up a great deal. My sister and I thought maybe thank you notes went out of style. We have not seen thank you notes for many things that would be very normal for us. Also on this note, when at functions that are casual buffet style and you can see there will not be enough chairs at the tables, wouldn't you think the young ones would give the chair to the older ladies and gentlemen-NOT!!! Again we said that this is just not being taught, how sad. Thank you for bringing up the subject, maybe some parents will take charge and teach these VERY important gestures.
    Also I love reading your post and enjoy the beautiful pictures. Love the ring!!

  22. I love this post. So many things to thinks about and only wish that the manners that have slipped by the wayside would be taught. I enjoy your beautiful pictures and the jewelry is gorgeous.

  23. Very funny as usual Marsha, and what a stunning giveaway, very generous I must say!

  24. We are in the process of moving (over forty years of..."treasures!") Seem to have lost your address so am trying this...wanted to let you know that I LOVE, LOVE the leather wrap bracelet!!! Thanks so much...I am wearing it now and have since I got it!!! franki from VA

  25. Marsha! So much fun!
    Thanks for inviting me.

  26. Gorgeous goodies Marsha... and as for social media... I think we have to pace ourselves, be selective... and always make time... even a little for ourselves... xv

  27. Hi Marsha

    I am late to the party!!! A thousand apologies, but thank you for leaving the door open so I could still get in! Off now to check out everyone else's contribution, thank you for another lovely season of BIO, enjoy your summer break
    love to you

  28. Great post Marsha, I agree with everything you have said Xx

  29. Just the other day I mentioned to a friend that I had lost contact with your blog. The Jewelry she was wearing reminded me of your selections, but not quite as nice. So glad to have found you again. I am not really a 'sparkly' kind of girl but you inspire me to stretch my style options. Thank you, Glad to have re-found you. Your list very much echo's my own, but I could not narrow it to five this week if I had to!!!

  30. I have discovered GPS is not so necessary when streets are arranged and named logically. So if the north-south streets are numbered and if the streets are on a grid, then it's pretty simple. But in a place like Pittsburgh, where the streets follow the hills and there are no right angles, I would be completely lost.

  31. So pleased to discover your blog ... of course #2 and #5 would be top of my list, too. I can't wait to have grandchildren and to teach them the things my grandma taught me - like MANNERS and how to set a proper table and enjoy a tea party!

  32. So nice to have you as a follower of "travelnwrite" and I am so enjoying being a follower of yours. . .I certainly understand the time it takes on the computer to follow blogs, FB, twitter and such but it certainly is nice to hear from friends and followers when they do leave comments, isn't it?

  33. Marsha, I can't believe you do all your own Social Media. I thought you had a PA for that kind of thing. I believe the girls in the nail salon are probably saying how fabulous you are. Sending lots of love.
    Paul x

  34. Marsha,
    I love this post, enjoyed your lists and will check out all the bloggers. I totally agree with your statement about leaving a comment on a blogger's post. A simple comment gives us the encouragement to continue to share of ourselves. The giveaway rocks! So love it.

  35. I follow on gfc as Wendy Wallach and I just love the jewelry you are giving away. If it sparkles and shines it must be mine!

  36. I love this jewelry and I follow as Wendy Wallach on gfc

  37. Ya'll are just having way too much fun with all of this! I'm finally getting your posts again, Marsha...yay! Happy Mother's Day to you dear friend!

  38. I was surprised today when I received your blog post. This made me very happy! I thought I was deleted or something since I haven't been getting any for quite some time. Nevertheless, #3 & #4 drive me nutty. I have relatives like #3, who don't know squat & are like this. Wonderful giveaway Marsha, thank you!

  39. followed you via gfc(Karin)
    and num #4 is hilarious!!


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