Monday, July 7, 2014

Fall Couture Week in Paris.....

views of what's to become hot hot hot 
as the top trends trickle down...


Raf definitely has the coats down.  Some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

all long & mostly lean, the sleeves (except for this one above) all cut very slim,
which has a lovely effect.

go HERE to see what has to say about the collection.


I truly loved this outfit and it was only one of a very few I understood.
his collection is for Fall 2014 but with all the little flowered prints it looked more
like Spring, & I don't know what to think about the mattress-ticking fabrics.

 the main trend throughout both these collections is the longer skirt length.
don't forget that.

go HERE to see the entire collection and let me know what you think.


outfits we will see at all the award shows for sure...
one thing Versace knows how to do is produce ever-more provocative apparel.

however, nothing at all one could call elegant.

see it all HERE

of course, I'll keep reporting from the runways when something catches my eye.

I must say I was quite surprised and happy so many of my readers took advantage of
the 50% off sale on my website.

we really have to do this again, and I'll keep you posted and not just spring it on you
like I did this time.



Coulda shoulda woulda said...

GV nailed it!!

Chiara T. said...

It has been pure poetry!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

VM Creation Atelier said...

Like Giambattista Valli in his always PERFECT fit!!!
Breathless feeling of the elegance and gorgeous style always:)*
But,yes....I couldn't understand this collection because of a fabrics.Looks more Spring-Summer looks,that's true,Marsha.
And Dior with all collection of coats admired me totally!!!
Thankyou for share it here,dear friend:)*

I've made my''haute couture''wool coat for my client in a soft-creamy color....
look inside by me,I have made my post about it:)*


martinealison said...

Bonjour ma chère Marsha,

J'aime particulièrement cette magnifique robe de Versace... et ce manteau long de Christian Dior est également superbe.

Gros bisous ❊❀❊

Jennifer Connolly said...

I adore great full length coats!! The drama of them speaks to me. I even love this shaped sleeve. Swoon worthy for me. Enjoy you week doll.