Sunday, December 7, 2014

Little Stacks of Christmas Books

do you guys have a collection of these books, bought through the years,
tenderly packed up with all the decorations and stored away for another season's use?

I do.
books from when my kids were kids, books found on travels around the world,
all Christmas themed.

each one of us has a special memory of just one book.
we re-read it each year and smile as we think of the memories.

it's a tradition now.
hopefully, the books will be passed down to my grandchildren,
read again and again, with new smiles.

Happy Holidays everyone !!


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are we supposed to harness wild animals so they can work for us?
I don’t know either, it just seems this guy looks sad.  Just saying.



VM Creation Atelier said...

Books are always my big friends!....:)
LOVE,loooove thuis tradition,Marsha!!!
Our memories keeping oud souls!

Happy Holiday to you top,Beautiful friend:)

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

SUCH a great idea...I have a little vignette of books in my powder room and thanks to your suggestion, I will switch them out to classic holiday books! :)

Barbara said...

Yes, yes, I do! In fact I just (sort of) wrote a post about this very thing - but about some new book finds. What a lovely site you have here. I'm flipping over from Jennifer's A Well Styled Life after reading your comment there. It's beautiful here.

Jennifer Connolly said...

I do have a collection! I'll be getting them out now. What a wonderful idea. Thanks my friend. Also thank you for your loving comment on my post. It left me teary. Much love to you. xoxo

Elizabeth Day said...

Love the little stack of Christmas books.

Leslie Harris said...

I love this tradition of yours Marsha. Books hold so many wonderful memories I love the idea of decorating with your favorite Christmas ones. I still have my books packed in boxes because we don't have bookshelves built yet. I don't thing the hubby understands how vital it feels to me to be surrounded by my books. I miss them.
Thanks for the lovely inspiration today, hope your enjoying your Christmas season.