Monday, January 12, 2015


International Blog Party

 welcome, everyone, to the first
post of 2015

& do we have a doozy for you to read and think about.

Coty of Coty Farquhar Styling in Australia 
is the author of this topic.


BARTERING ???? !!!!!

didn't that go out of style a long long long time ago?

well, never fear, each one of us is supposed to come up with "something"
we could barter.

well, all of you know that the image below is the real me:


Marchesa pre-fall 2015

& this

or this


We are “Head Over Heels” this #ShoeTuesday for these @aminahjillil bejeweled heels. #regramLove @munaluchibride @aminahjillil #aminahjillil #bejeweledshoes #TuesdayShoeDay #weddingShoes

I hardly ever cook, I now live in a high-rise so gardening is out too,
I probably cannot teach anyone anything except the samba or tango,
I can't bust broncos, keep bees, ride a tractor, skydive,
and I've given up downhill skiing, target practice, bow & arrow bullseye challenges & sailing

Coty mentioned to me that we might have to even consider giving up electricity !!!!!
I asked her to please allow this otherwise I would have no way to do my hair.

so you see, there is really only one thing left that must be undertaken,


cheers to 2015
to the amazing group of women who are our membership of the
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Sherry Niemi said...

i use Crabtree and Evelyn rose bath and body. I love their Rose hand cream and I drink the Rose tea from Republic of Tea. It's beautiful.

Barbara Chapman said...

Funny that you picked bootlegging... :) Cute! Love the two dresses! Wish I were thin enough to actually wear something that wonderful again (been too many years)!!!
Have a lovely week,
Barb :)

Jennifer Connolly said...

Hilarious!! The lack of electricity was a challenge for me too! Such gorgeous gowns. Enjoy your week Marsha! xo

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Well, if everything else is gone we're definitely gonna need a drink or two !!!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

I'm ordering those shoes. Even if I never wear them I want them in my closet. I covet them !!!

princepesa said...

Doesn't the model in the grey toned sparkly number look like a young Natalie Wood !!!!

simone antoniazzi said...

Very funny Marsha, that made me smile!! Xx

La Contessa said...

WE will all need a drink or three I would imagine if we had to go back to the BARTER SYSTEM..........
You in your heels...........and gowns..............will BE THE BEST DRESSED DAME for miles around!
Beautiful FUN POST madame MARSHA...................XOXO

I Dream Of said...

Oh Marsha, You are sure right, if every things was gone, we would need a drink or two. Good to know you'd be there to help us with the important stuff! Here's to you, smart lady! XOXO

vicki archer said...

Love this idea! Brilliant... and such a great idea :)) ... xv

D. A. Wolf said...

Bootlegging! Perfect! (But who will make the boots? Maybe I could help with that... *wink*)


The enchanted home said...

Love it! Go for me business would be booming lol. Fun post, like you I could probably deal with the no technology but seriously no electricity? No way, I am way too spoiled by electricity to imagine life without:)



Jennifer Connolly said...

They are like art! I'd display them:)

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Sissy, I can tell you are my kind of girl X10 !!

Carla B. Reeves said...

As usual a very fun post presented my Madame Splendarosa! Love that dress and had one similar in white lace when I was quite young. I want to do a second sky-dive for my upcoming big milestone b-day, and can't yet give up down-hill skiing, but have found it difficult to get up when I take a tumble in the snow...hahaha! Have given up wearing, but not buying high heeled shoes. Then there is always Paris and perfume!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

I'm laughing, Carla. It seems we value the same things. I really couldn't help myself with this hilarious take on bartering. xx's

Sally said...

Marsha, those delectable splendidibellifantabidosi shoes made it onto my big birthday celebration invitation email on first glance :))
I guess that means I love technology as much as ever, but seriously you must have the shoes they are divine.

I could live without technology,we all did....... and with no electricity I would certainly join you for a candlelight aperitvo, by a warm fire, cooking on a barbecue....we could play card games and make lively conversation and repartee,
Yes, that is real life!

A great subject my dear
much love xxx

D. A. Wolf said...

But Marsha ... Those magnificent shoes... Wherever did you find them?

Barbara Novello said...

Re Bartering. I think no. In Europe maybe in the markets but no not in my world. lol

helen tilston said...

Hello Marsha,
Oh the visual of you in those high heels and boot-legging!! Ha, Ha she slaps her knee. Would that mean you would make home deliveries? I would say get the shoes now before they become extinct. Do you suppose any of us bloggers have shoe making skills?
A wonderful subject this month, thanks for the humour.

Helen xx

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hello,wonderful friend,my dearest Marsha!
I've missed your posts.....
And this one making me again melying!:)))
Oh, those silver dress,HUGE nice!
And I think,I stay by the real life: walking with my sweet doggy,drinking wine and coffe and trying to stay myself in all different ways!!!
THANKYOU for this post:)
Love you,thinking of you,

LaPouyette said...

How uplifting!!! Particularly during these days of sadness.
Well, my dear Marsha, I'll send you my pair of black satin shoes - you adorn them with your jewelery - and in exchange I'll embroider your personal monogram, together with elaborate flowers, on one of my finest antique linen oversheets.
How about that????
Much love, xxxk

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Ahh, what a funny idea....give up electricity???? I think not;):) Like you, I couldn't do my hair!!! I LOOOOVE those shoes too but could never wear them. I used to wear heels all day at work and when I got home would keep them on til I went to bed. Not anymore, my feet likk me. I DO wear kitten heels all the time though since I am so short:(

Barbara Novello said...

OMG LOVE the shoes!

Heather Robinson said...

Hallelujah! At least now I know where to go to get a decent martini! ;) Marsha, I am sorry to be so late to this post but the events last week in France really threw me off in more ways than one. Better late than never, non? Pour a new round of drinks!

Anonymous said...

am I too late? I have been participating in the redoing of my website......and I think; my blog!

Yikes! I have a thing or two to say about barter.....but if I am too late....on to the next!!