Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Just Couldn't Help Myself


I had to post this beautiful photograph
of  al fresco dining high above the Amalfi Coast.

it just gives me tingles all over.

there is no place, no place, anywhere this beautiful
(in my opinion).

took the doggies to the groomers this morning,
went grocery shopping, 
am decluttering still,
& Houston, as well as all of Texas, is receiving
an Artic Blast tonight with temps in our city dropping into the 20's f.

Oh, I know, I know everyone farther North and in the East
gets this weather throughout winter,

but not Texas,
and believe me, we DO NOT KNOW how to handle it.



Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for several months. It is beautiful, with touches of humor that speak volumes of what you are like. I believe that I would very much enjoy having lunch with you--maybe at the Almalfi coast. The photo you posted gave me tingles too.

Love listening to the music while reading--makes me linger longer over your blog. I am reading through your past blogs. A belated thank you for the Christmas music.

Emm said...

This is a bit off from your usual fare, but this link has good information on dealing with very cold weather. The writer makes weather understandable, and I thought it might help someone.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Ahhhh, well, I cannot have lunch with you if I don't know your name.
However, thank you X10 for the lovely comment. Next time leave your name for me.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Hi Marsha! It is 12 degress here right now and dropping:(:( I hate this weather!!! Your GORGEOUS photo though made my heart skip a beat. It is stunning and I would LOVE to be sitting there!!! XOXO

D. A. Wolf said...

Chilly here too... As in much colder than usual... brrrr...

Bundle up and let water drip from the faucets.


Mary said...

Yes, just setting our faucets a dripping too - going to be such a COLD night here - down to 12F but will feel like 6F with wind chill. I put lovely creamy flannel sheets on the bed today and dug out my old rather ratty flannel PJ's - afraid glamor is not important when this cold. Oh, I also have my hot water bottle - best thing to snuggle with on winter nights.

Stay cozy - Mary x

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère Marsha,

La Saint Valentin avant l'heure !... Tellement sublime

Gros bisous ♡

Anonymous said...

No question! Santa Barbara had record low temperatures......and we were all just at a loss!

(don't complain to anyone in New Hampshire......but JEEZ!!! 34!!!! Yikes!!!

Deborah Montgomery said...

A nippy 1 degrees here in Michigan last night, but I do feel your pain. Brrr!! Hot cups of tea, an afghan, and a blazing fire get me through. Beautiful picture, would love to dine there.

Colleen Taylor said...

I hate to tell you it's absolutely gorgeous in Arizona at this time of the year. I think it was 77 & sunny today. I do feel for everyone since I've lived in frigid zones in my past. Stay cozy & warm!

Sally said...

It sounds like...from fur full length blackglama Marsha!! stay warm and dream of Amalfi, un bacio xx

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Stay warm, Marsha, dear! That picture is stunning - I wish I was there NOW (is that Bellevue Syrene?). Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! xoxo