Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Photo Shoot -1 Image + Scarves

goodness, we have about 80-90 images from this shoot,
which was done just outside the front door of the boutique where
I'm working part-time.

the model was wanting her portofolio updated, so we thought we could
get her into some of the apparel the store carries.

what you see here is mostly "VINCE" apparel, with a red tank by Michael Stars,
a vintage-looking new scarf from the shop, and my jewelry.

styled by me.

my son thought the Vince outfit was too plain for a photograph, being all neutral colors,
so we brightened it up for him.

tell me what you think, seriously.

& some new merchandise

blue water color very long scarf
sheer poly
sold out of original order, have re-ordered - 2 week delivery
available to pre-order

the following are in stock right this minute

28" X 70"
sheer poly




6 colors
sheer poly







all of these will be on my website as soon as I can upload all the information,
but if you would like to order now
please email me
and tell me the precise one you wish and we will send it out to you.

& let me reassure you these scarves are lovely,
I'm wearing them myself !

each $ 35

lots more new merchandise to come



Catherine Robinson said...

Hello Marsha...these are lovely...I've just mailed you ;)
Happy Weekend xx

VM Creation Atelier said...

SOoooo excited,Marsha!!!
It looks really fabulous....
Love the first one image really much:))))
I can see your own fantasy and beyond lovely creativity there!!!
Think of you,

The enchanted home said...

Looking good particularly love the chevron scarf, very pretty could see it with all white in the summer, very chic!

therelishedroost said...

Love it, I could use a new Spring Scarf!!

Chic atanyage said...

Gorgeous scarves, the colours are divine. I wish the tax and import duty to the UK was not so high.

Emm said...

I see a Scarf Overhaul in the works for spring. Thinking, thinking . . .

Agree with your son -- a dash of red popped the styling up, draws the eye in to the details.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Fabulous scarfs! I love them all!

Colleen Taylor said...

The neutrals of the grays all alone are quite chic, however, that pop of reds, tank, jewelry & scarf is an attention getter in the most positive way. Your son is a smart man but the apple doesn't fall far from the mother's tree does it!!! Love all these scarves!

La Contessa said...

YOU did GREAT!I am Loving my LONG LONG scarf I purchased from YOU!XO

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Such lovely scarves Marsha xx

La Petite Gallery said...

Applause. that red necklace is something you never see.
Pretty girl and sporting some lovely apparal. crazy for that coffee color.
Dear God! two blizzards coming tomorrow back to back and it is freezing.
3 feet on my roof, have to get the roof raked tomorrow, been busy painting and on a clear day I get out
before I go nuts. My art and blogs save me. yvonne

designchic said...

Your scarves are amazing - so wish I was better at styling them, and the model looks beautiful if your jewelry!