Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring Genuine Leather Tote Bags

Rivet Leather Women Handbag Tote
Size 15.5" High X 9.75" Wide X 7.5" Deep

Genuine Leather Tote Bag in 3 Colors
with rivet detail

all on order, 6 of each color
Blue/Tan/Dark Red
delivery in 2 weeks
Price for Splenderosa Blog Readers

$ 165.00

price on our website will be $195.00

email to pre-order,

we are trying to get back to normal,
and resume activities that we enjoy so much.
life does have it's bumps !!

but, I must say, I am in love with this dress from Victoria Beckham.
but not the boots.




Anonymous said...

I completely agree! The boots are just not good with it at all!


Emm said...

Yes, the skirt is most interesting, but the boots -- ack. Not posh, even from Posh.

What a stunning tote bag that is. Are the leather strips pulled through the top, as the closer?

RiƩ Moratto said...

I agree the skirt is pretty and I even like the sweater with it, but the boots... not for me.