Monday, March 30, 2015

The I Heart Radio Awards

to say that Rihanna stole the show would be a giant understatement.
don't know if her "GREEN"  which is Versace, was intended to be the color of money,
don't really care, she literally blew the lid off.

I love her style anyway, and her ability to carry it off is amazing for someone
as young as she is.

however, super success must bring confidence?

Rihanna performs in Versace at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA

I had been out to my Sunday evening dinner, and really only
wanted to see Justin Timberlake's appearance.

I think I love him because he is just SO talented.
of course, I don't know him, he might be a jackass,
but he is SO good I want him to be nice.

I thought Jamie Foxx was ridiculous, in the true meaning of the word.
waaaaay too off color, no pun intended, just bad for a home-viewing TV audience,
which may have kids viewing.

does that sound too straight-laced?

well, that's me.

I missed Madonna, and all of you already know I love her new single, Ghost Town.

anyway, Monday is behind us.
a long long day for me, a very busy day at the shop because of the time
of the year with Easter, graduations, weddings, vacations and all that.


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