Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Woman Still Has IT !!

maybe some of you realize that I'm a music nut,
I love all types of music (well, almost all types), 
and it got me to thinking the other day that if in fashion we are seeing a reprise of the '70's,
why not bring back my favorites:
The BeeGees

I know, I know....

but, there is something new that you need to know about...


her singing has never sounded better,
in fact, she sounds a bit like Karen Carpenter, who had a heaven-sent voice.

I am clueless about embedding a YouTube video into the blog,
but if you click  here & it will take you to the music.
if you can spare 4 minutes 
(imagine we are still young and MUST hear this track),
please listen.



ci said...

So I've stopped reading my daily reads maybe 30 minutes ago and am still at my desk, head down , enjoying the sound track of you.. just the best songs!!! you are the only blog i read that has music and i love it. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

She definitely still has it! Have never been a huge Madonna fan, but last week I watched an hour long interview with her on the Jonathan Ross show, (British TV), she was utterly brilliant. A very dry sense of humour and she was certainly careful about some of her answers, but amusing and honest at the same time. She also performed live and was incredible, I think I just became a fan!

Lauren said...

I love her! She without a doubt still has it!


Cleo from Jersey said...

Marsha, wonderful song! Madonna has always been a favorite....a woman (in the beginning) ahead of her time. And, you are spot on with the comparison to Karen Carpenter. I've really enjoyed watching Madonna's music and voice mature. Thanks, Angela Muller

Carol S. said...

Great song, love hearing new music and this one is good.