Sunday, May 17, 2015

Northern California

half-dome in Yosemite National Park
photography perfection, in my opinion

Big Sur, California
from mattidge photo 

for my readers in other countries:
Big Sur is a 90-mile stretch of mostly isolated, pristine natural beauty,
a 5-hour drive N from Los Angeles,
protected from development by the state & national laws, thankfully.

Yosemite National Park is also in Northern California, but toward the center of the
state, not on the coast.  the sheer beauty of this spectacular park takes your breath away as beyond
each step is another vista even more wonderful.
I am so happy I was able to spend time in both these places when my son was young
as I know I couldn't do the trek it requires nowadays.

like all countries, America has some amazing natural beauty which all it's citizens need to appreciate up close & personal.

what's your favorite place?
your favorite view?
ocean or mountains?



Lynda Brandly said...

Hi Marsha! What beautiful pictures! My husband and I both grew up in Colorado and his parents still live in Estes Park. It is our favorite place on the planet and we try to visit at least once a year. Estes sits at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. It's beautiful both summer and winter. There's a good old Country-Western song that says, "If God doesn't live in Colorado, I'll be that's where He spends most of His time."
love and blessings!

La Petite Gallery said...

Fifth comment?????

La Petite Gallery said...

I love the water the N.west coast of Ireland. Drove from San Fran to L.A. in late 60's very pretty. B.C. is also a fantastic spot. If this comment gets to you I will be shocked. yvonne

La Contessa said...

OCEAN............I am NOT A MOUNTAIN person at ALL!