Monday, June 15, 2015

Blue & White

calming & soothing 
at first glance.

not sure I would have done this room exactly this way,
well, yes, I am sure...I would never have put those ruffled valances across the top
of the windows.
even if it does keep to the rather overly-magnificent feeling.

I'm sure I would have added a little touch of whimsy and waaay more flowers...
it's actually too pretty, too perfect, too by-the-decor-book for me.

what do you think?



this image from muffytakesmanhattan on tumblr



Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Love the blue and white, but it's to matchie matchie for me and I would fall over the chair by the bed going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Deanna said...

Tis beautiful! I could get lost in it.

Anonymous said...

Very matchie matchie....... and certainly a 'girls only' setting!

Rowan said...

I can't imagine any man feeling at home in this room! Take away a few details and it becomes a bit less over the top. It's too pretty, pretty, perfect for my taste. I'd like it for a hotel room but not for my own room.
Linen sheets and a few less decorator details, especially the matching curtains and ruffles, would be more calming for me. Pretty for a magazine shoot!
Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

Penelope Bianchi said...

Honestly; I could move in with my toothbrush. I love the valances....I love the fabric....I love the chair....I love the entire thing. The "corona" holding the semi-canopy....I would not change one single thing. I learned many years ago: a room is much less "busy" with just one fabric or pattern on the walls and the furniture and bed and curtains.....than if it is mixed. this room "takes the cake" for me! I adore it beyond!!!!

Penelope Bianchi said...

And the lampshades are sending me into .....shudders I love them so much! Was this Mario? It just has to be!! I adore it so much I am printing it out and saving it!!!!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,I'd LOVE the combination of blue and white immensely much.....
Yes,I do:)))
Indeed,for me also too busy with those ruffled and also the print on the fabric around the windows:)
And here I want to place another one candelar....:)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,I am sorry,Marsha.... I mean to say another one luster or a chandelier:)

Anonymous said...

I am sure the pattern is lovely, but I cannot see it. I wonder if the pattern looks like gigantic bugs in the dark.

therelishedroost said...

A rather fun but a bit over done take on the traditional guest bedroom, I remember doing ones like that 10 years ago with my old firm. I love the colors though!!

Lauren said...

Blue and white is my favorite color combo! Beautiful post!


Karen T. said...

I love the room and could live in it as is. However, I would prefer some tweaks, such as a beautiful chandelier instead of the ceiling fan, and more fresh flowers, and perhaps see how the room looks without the ruffled valances at the windows. I would definitely NOT remove that fabulous corona over the bed! Overall, a beautiful room that I could take as is if I had to.

Penelope Bianchi said...

I assumed it was in Florida.....where a ceiling fan would be a necessity! I agree with the chandelier! Great idea! This is a Manuel Canovas fabric print.....I would never ever get sick of it! It is of fruits and , I think, vegetables.....there is no repeat that is evident....(key key key!!!))) Just a lovely allover print! meandering around making you happy for the rest of your life!!


Anonymous said...

no I have lived with it. no bugs in the dark for me! Gorgeous fabric....bugs????? Nope.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say I adore the painted floor! I think I am the only one of your commenters who loved every single detail.. And I mean every single detail! That is what makes horse races!!

TAh DAH!!!!! Did't we love the Triple Crown? I wept as I watched the last race with that magnificent horse.

I was at my grandson's graduation in Massachusetts....I thought I would have to watch it on my iPhone.....I watched it in the loveliest place a lovely bar in a lovely Massachusetts town....before a graduation..... We were having a family dinner of 16 or something at the nicest place in Andover; and just as we came was 5 minutes before the race....and I was there watching the end...I was not sobbing...but tears were flowing. I love race horses....and I love that horse!!!


I think you know what I mean!! I love you! You are such a STAR!!!!