Thursday, June 4, 2015

OH, MY.....

Naples, Florida
 residence with retracting window walls.
master beyond

I'm just so all over this.
love the use of the property's space, a narrow lot it looks like.
well, I've gotta look this up.

Gables on 6th
Naples Redevelopment project

 so it appears that the above came from the below

 of course, the same redevelopment is happening all accross
our country, the reclamation of urban areas which had seen better days, turned into viable, albeit expensive, new uses.

Houston has had an explosion of this type.
and one of our very exclusive neighborhoods which was
begun in the late '50's, early '60's...single story ranchers...
is now a community of 2-story McMansions.

it's beautiful, don't get me wrong.
& we have a strong sense of preservation of what needs to be preserved.


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