Sunday, June 28, 2015


an outfit
to me, this is the look.
the look for now.
pulled together, 
but somehow still casual, still pretty, still fun.

from the skirt length
the pop-over top
the bag
& then we have THE shoe.
& you know, this shoe could be any style, it would still be great.
even tennies, saffron-colored tennies.
I really don't know who this is, but she's got it going on X10.

what do you think, my friends?



Fashion Lights said...

she looks great :)

D. A. Wolf said...

I absolutely adore that color. (May I admit to some stiletto slides picked up for a song years ago, still current, in that very same tone?)

But I would want a bag that matches... Is that too old school of me?

I do love the flirtyness of that outfit!

Anonymous said...

She looks so put together.