Monday, June 1, 2015

Something New & Something Super Popular....

as we head into summer it's harder & harder
to dress the mannequins in our little boutique.

I believe the windows should tell a little story,
like having variations on a color story,
or a particular kind of apparel.
until I arrived this hasn't been being done, but when a woman buys the entire ensemble
straight off the mannequin, everyone totally got on board with this.

one of the fun things we've done recently is making turbans on the top of bald mannequin heads.

we may have started something with this idea.
now, granted, not everyone is going to put on a turban,
but the "idea" of the styling is compelling.

people actually "look" at the outfits, you know.

at Splenderosa we are so happy to show you some of our favorite scarves.
all available to purchase.

100% Genuine Mulberry Silk Scarves
(mulberry is the finest silk in the world, they tell me)
 3'7" wide and 6' long
$95.00 each

the newest ones, which have been ordered, 4 of each.
for pre-order







the following are in stock & ready to ship

 3'7" wide and 6' long

a perfect rectangle length, just so many ways they can be worn or used.
(I put them on my dining table too!)



look carefully, there are butterflies all over the scarf

this one has flowers throughout the main part of the scarf with the big, bold paisley pattern on 
each end

would you wear a turban?

do you love silk scarves?


or call Marsha 

we accept all major credit cards


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Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Love these scarfs! I have never had much luck with a turban though. Hope you are having a great week.