Thursday, July 9, 2015

British Version of Red/White/Blue

seeing the recent photos of little Princess Charlotte's Christening,
with Prince George wearing RED shorts,
got me over to Polyvore 
to make this collection.

All Hail Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Does Red White Blue by splenderosa on Polyvore featuring Alexander McQueen, Repetto and Fiona Paxton

did you notice how happy Queen Elizabeth appeared?
I did.
real smiles, real warmth.
well, the whole thing is pretty perfect, isn't it?

packing & shipping overdue merchandise as we speak.
and to all the well-wishers, I am SO much better.
sometimes time is all it takes.

love to all.....


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Queen is the coolest!! Did you know she has only two Corgis.....and they are 11! She doesn't want to leave any behind! Those dogs have carried her through the difficult life being a queen is!!

I couldn't do it for anything! She never expected it; her father was a wonderful, kind and loving man who adored animals.....animals have carried her through this very difficult life! these dogs saved her!

Sheesh! She is 89 years old! Still walking around with great posture and still the same handsome tall husband! God Bless the Queen!! And her dogs!!!