Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Remember Madras?

& while I'm not expecting you to go out dressed like the pic above,
it does give an idea of how much we will be seeing 
coming up this next season

like this Velvet top

invoke the BOHO look by adding a contrasting FLOWERED SCARF,
drape it over your shoulder, if it has fringe, tassels, so much the better...
it's meant to say "opposites attract."
this one from KENZO

but you get the idea, we have the shirt & some wonderful scarfs at SOHO Couture
in Houston, the scarfs have tassels and are under $50.00

if you don't like this look, your daughters will !!!
& here it is in the SOHO Couture Shop @ Woodway/Voss in Houston
Displaying IMG_2956.jpg
or this fab JOIE piece, "Selma" Orange Glaze,  which we also have in the shop
or you can find here
here it is in the shop as styled on a mannequin.
Displaying IMG_2669.jpg
Displaying IMG_7398.jpg
Displaying IMG_0533.jpg
I'm not certain why this look appeals to me so much,
as I'm not a plaid girl at all.
maybe I think of it as "western wear" or maybe I think it's too casual,
but when the scarf is added it changes immediately to something
I really love.

I would never wear this with jeans, of course...
preferring a beautiful pair of pants or a long maxi skirt,
that way I can go almost anywhere, you know?

another example in the shop

Displaying IMG_9878.jpg

anyway...what do you think?
would you pair these two items?

and guess what?
you probably already have a scarf in your closet that would work perfectly.
& if you don't, call me...I'll send one to you from our under $50 pieces.



Marsha Splenderosa said...

Tara Dillard
1:51 PM

Had a favorite shirt in college, madras and quite sheer. Wore it to smithereens. Would buy another if I found it again.... XOT

Anonymous said...

The two plaid tops remind me so much of the seventies that they seem like clothing that was put away in a trunk somewhere or is in the Good Will bag from yesteryear. It's hard when fashion repeats itself. Sometimes the eye can't get used to it....or the mind.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Yes, totally involking the 70's as the girls who will wear this nowadays were not around in the 70's.
Anyway, fashion is always a cycle (or maybe a re-cycle) and there are only so many things one can do with fabric :)'s. I agree, but actually do love the shirts with the scarf treatment. Otherwise, I wouldn't wear either one of them. Thank you for commenting !!!

Ellen Thompson said...

I can't see half the photos, only a question mark. Don't like the tops, do like the scarves.