Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GUCCI-LAND Spring '16

Fashion Week in Italy is one of my favorites because, you know, 

I will go on & on & on about this as we progress through the week
but there is NO way this show could go unnoticed...

a completely different look,
though still edgy, with a strong flavor of romance, 
which seems entirely appropriate since we're in Italy this week.

gold fingerless gloves, eyeglasses, gowns illustrated with
art prints of past eras...
seriously, I am completely blown away.
(& it's not even FALL in Houston!!!)

the chairs, see above,  covered in a bright turquoise fabric 
with what looked like brooches printed on the fabric, with the invitation sitting atop, the carpet on the runway, 
all set the tone of the entire event

of course, there was the trademark distinctive Gucci colors
the brilliant green & red,
beautifully interprreted below

this is what I mean when I say Italian luxury, for me,
reigns supreme.

I mean, who else could make a

GUCCI has been recreated by a new master 
who is absolutely masterful.

Dakota Johnson @ the show
Dakota Johnson Was Best-Dressed at Gucci
gucic spring 2016 show


  1. Bonjour chère Marsha,

    J'aime ces magnifiques imprimés... De véritables chefs-d'oeuvres...

    Gros bisous ❀

  2. Can't being MORE agree with you,Marsha about Gucci fashion in all details and absolutely special feeling for fashion....
    Italian eye for details, these is beyond magic because they feel it not only learned!
    Those talents are in a culture of Italy:)))
    Wish you wonderful weekend,dear friend!

  3. Where was the show do you know?Looks like the side of a TRAIN STATION!!!!!!!!!LOVE THAT!
    YOU know I worked for GUCCI...........that's how I met the ITALIAN HUBBY!!!


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