Monday, September 7, 2015


International Blog Party

welcome to the beginning of a new season,
a new season of the weather and of

for those of you who may be new to our site please let me explain.

is made up of a group of international bloggers,
you will recognize most of them,
from September - May we write 1 blog post a month on the SAME TOPIC.

each member gives her own take on that topic,

which is what makes it interesting and fun !!


What Are You Afraid Of?

yes, mesmerizing as it is, dark deep water is one of my fears.
I love being near the water, overlooking the water, but not IN the water.
childhood fear which is still around & which I don't think of often.
being on a cruise ship doesn't seem to bother me, but getting in a canoe would be impossible.
the gondolas in Venice are also an exception, as are the hydrofoils boats over to Capri, or a huge ferry in the Puget Sound. 
but, I simply do not like putting a toe into the water when I cannot see the bottom.
there could be a giant crab down there, you know?

I don't think this is the kind of FEAR our brilliant Pamela Terry was speaking of when she chose our subject for this month.
no, she would never be this mundane or ordinary!

I'm afraid I've lost interest in high fashion as a crucial part of my life.
I have these boots, I love them, but they are not integral  to my daily life as they once would have been.  of course, they're Italian...that's WHY I love them.

in reality, I'm been through so much in the past years that almost nothing makes me afraid.
do I worry some.  yes, of course.
but, I've learned through these trials that no matter what I will survive, I will stay witty, I will love my family & my close friends X10, and my dogs.

I'm afraid I no longer need possessions.
but, do I want to get rid of the ones I have.
no. but now, I'm saving them for my children to enjoy as much as we have.

I'm afraid I will never again travel in the style to which I became accustomed.
& believe me, my son & daughter & their friends were on many of this excursions,
but I alway had my husband.
now, I will have my kids & their kids and it will be fun to show them all the things
that made me so happy.
& I think that will make them happy.


Clouds over the Lake by Chad Kruger

Moraine Lake,Banff, Canada

to grasp the enormity of this vista see the little boat on the right side of the lake?

I'm afraid street-style photography of people wearing outrageous, boring or ordinary fashion has ruined real fashion.
I simply do not get it.

I'm also afraid I will never get tired of animals, the smell of puppies,
the innocent creatures we should all revere.

but, most of all, I'm afraid I'm not afraid.
except of real ignorance & stupidity, cruelty, violence, clueless, mannerless

I really don't know any of them,
but that's all we hear about, isn't it?

please welcome all our participants in the club of

without you, our dear readers, we would be nowhere.



  1. I just love your boots Marsha. I can understand your fear of deep water. My fear is thunderstorms.
    Your priorities are in the right order.
    Hope you have a great week

  2. I totally understand everything you said - and to that I say Amen - I feel the same way. We must be grateful for our past and our children and grandchildren - that's what makes me want to get up in the morning - my memories and my girls. All the best to you! I enjoy each of your blogs!

  3. Hi Marsha, it's good to be back with our BIO topics. Fear is a strange thing and most of our fears are irrational but, we can't help it !! I guess that we just have to keep fighting them or learn to live with them.
    Lots of love. XXXX

  4. I love this post Marsha... such a great topic and sorry for my tardiness... I may post later even if I can... :)

  5. Good morning, Marsha. This is such an interesting topic. Your sentiments about appreciating life, family, friends, pets-at this stage in life-rings so true. It sounds like you have led an extraordinary life with all the highs/lows and courage to face whatever is in front of you. I absolutely love being on the water--but I agree with you-not the murky kind where I cannot see the bottom. Thanks so much for the invitation to join 'By Invitation Only'. I'm honored!
    xx, Heather

  6. This is why I love you.....wonderful and i so resonated with so much of what you said OMG so agree about the street style ruining good true fashion....whats happened to our world!! My husband also is very frightened of the water in that respect, especially the beautiful and magical as it is.
    On a sidenote I am sorry for being so overly busy lately that I neglected to remember its BIO today. I was away and planned the posts in advance and this one slipped between the cracks. I will however be back with bells on for next month....really enjoyed this.

  7. I AGREE with YOU!
    HIGH FASHION has lost it BAM for me un-practical.I do however, ENJOY the PHOTOGRAPHY more then the clothing these for WATER I can deal with as long as there is something to hold on too!Then your right the STREET PHOTOGRAPHY of NO FASHION what so amazing.There is A LOT Of it OUT THERE!!!THANK Goodness we have the furry creatures............XOXO

  8. I am sorry to be so shallow that I can't get over the fact that you own those boots!! And the photo of Lake Louise brought back happy memories. There is so much beauty in the world...

  9. Sorry for my tardiness as well... Murphys Law... my laptop chose this morning to act up!

    I so appreciate the items in your post. The more adversity it seems, the more we realize we are strong enough to survive, and the little things lose their significance as bumps in the road. And isn't it wonderful to have a store of memories you shared with children to gaze back on! Those of us who can say that are fortunate indeed.

    Now about those boots. Can't you find somewhere to wear them? You would strut your stuff in them most stunningly!


  10. About the boots. Yes, I've worn them and I will wear them again. They are beautiful just to look at sitting there in my closet. I thought long before purchasing them, but then I knew they would go with long skirts, a beautiful black suit I have with a slit in the front of the skirt. The boot is the focal point of the entire ensemble. They make a big statement without need of anything else. And, remember, I'm a tall girl so I can carry them. But with a mini?: Absolutely NOT. Anyway, that's SO yesterday, isn't it? :)'s

  11. Ed ecco tornati a Settembre a parlare di paura: ma il più grande sbaglio nella vita è quello di avere sempre paura di sbagliare, no? Baci da Roma Marsha.

  12. Ok, I'm afraid of never being able to wear boots that gorgeous. OMG, I adore them and all I can do is stare at them, long for them, at any price. Well, almost any price...

  13. Oh la la Marsha...those thing....from one Texan to another... (Texan living in Florida Panhandle, 3 hrs east of NOLA, lol)

    1. Maybe being Texan is what made me want them so much. We Texans live large, don't we?
      Yep, we do.
      Would never change a thing.

  14. Heights...fear for me...railings up high In buildings.....I have to stand far back from the edge.....send goose pumps down my spine....swimming near piers....creepy for me...

  15. I can relate to your fear of deep water, Marsha...never very keen to be out of my depth and I agree with the others...oh, my those boots...fabulous! I think age makes us less afraid, don't you...I don't want for very much anymore you get to a stage when you realise it's the people in your life that matter most and your own inner peace and happiness not the possessions we so coveted.
    I'm sorry not to have posted today, I've been having a nightmare with my new blog...I think I have lost most of you :(
    and need to start again!

  16. I almost forgot the reason for the post after seeing those boots, Marsha…stunning! Love your insight on the topic and certainly as we live life, we are better able to tame our fears. Happy Tuesday!

  17. I totally agree with you. I will never get tired of nature and animals either. "High" spfashion has never seemed so meaningless to me. Of course the boots are killer:)
    But it's the people in our lives and that matter. Great topic darling!!

  18. Oh my darling beautiful Marsha, this is why I love you.
    You write with such a personal touch it brings a tear to my eye, and I feel close to you even across all the miles ( all that deep water it scares me too )
    It is so very true to hold family and friends and lovely dogs, dear to your heart..this love expels fear anyway
    Who was it that said ' the only thing we have to fear is fear itself' ?
    I will enjoy all the posts in the next few days
    I hope to be in touch soon, so much love to you
    Sally xxx

  19. I'd like some new boots - yours are gorgeous Marsha.
    As for fears - I have some but I try not to let them hold me back from experiencing life. After all, I'm getting old and I must make the best of my time! I'm not a really brave woman but have done the most scary things just since I hit my sixties it seems! I have no fear of water though - in it, on it, under it, over it. I survived the Drake Passage back from Antarctica - roughest ocean on the planet - and I had the bruises to prove it after being thrown about somewhat for 24 hours - so anything else is easy!

    Nice post - have a wonderful week.
    Mary -

    1. I couldn't have done that, I know I would never have done.

  20. Hi Marsha, Sorry, I rushed in and out yesterday so fast that I forgot to leave a comment for you!!!!!
    Thanks for starting another year of BIO, I know how busy you are! What an interesting subject, I had to think about this one. I must say, I love your boots, if you don't wear them anymore, why not turn them into a wonderful lamp bases with a matching shade. We made some amazing long leather riding boots lamps many years ago in the workshop. Sending much love to you my dear friend. xxxxx Coty

  21. Oh, Marsha. I thought we were supposed to post on the 10th! What a numpty I am. But I am away at the moment, so perhaps I can be excused for my tardiness? :/ Cannot get used to the time change over here!! Thanks for corralling us all together for another year of interesting posts. You are the best! xx

  22. Love this blog along. I'm looking for the other participants? Where will I find them? Want to read them all. You have a delightful group!

  23. Oh, I found the other contributors. You have to scoll WAYYYYYY down to the bottom.


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