Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Comfy....

you know how you always find ONE piece that satisfies you?
you love it so much you could wear it all day long, everyday?

these items might just fit the bill.

Velvet "Kizzy" 3/4 Sleeve CASHMERE Gray or Black Sweater
XS-L $299.00  here


& this JOIE "Matricia" poncho in chunky marled knit
for $268 here
I LOVE LOVE LOVE ponchos & ruanas !!


or this cashmere cardigan
3 colors, white, beige, light blush

of course, they will be completely sold out when I NEED one,
but as they are each under $300 I think they're super good buys now.
or maybe a little Christmas for someone you love?

I find it amazing that apparel (& everything else) costs SO much these days.

where are the people who can spend $3000 for a pullover?
or $6000 for a coat you might wear 2-3 times?

I guess I'm out of the loop a bit, or because I'm so used to turning to Sak's 5th Avenue,
Neiman-Marcus, Bergdorf-Goodman I don't realize how much things have escalated.
another EXCELLENT REASON for me to lose 35 pounds by 7:30 tonight !!!
I have all that stuff in my closet, unworn.
but, it was for another woman, not the person I am today.
you know?



  1. The third one has my name written all over it!


  2. Love all of these selections!

  3. Just love those relaxed pieces. So relaxed and cosy.

  4. Marsha you always have such good posts and I am way behind due to caring for the elderly. I love the Joie number but I do have large thighs...I am afraid it might emphsize the worst....


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