Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Take on the Golden Globes from Carpet to Stage

as it happened, I typed...


first up on the carpet was Helen Mirren who ALWAYS looks & acts splendid.
at 70!
some of the "young" ones need to take lessons from her in deportment.

I'm seriously interested in American Crime, the limited TV series, 
because it was just SO great, great in a dramatic way...
Regina King & Felicity Huffman are nominated & so is the series as the 
Best Dramatic Limited TV Series.
below, Regina King
below, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, in Yves St Laurent, accompanying her boyfriend of years, 
Jason Statham.

below, Brie Larson in Calvin Klein

Jamie Foxx's daughter, who is Miss Golden Globes, worn one of the most beautiful gowns of the night....notice the little birds on her shoulders.

Matt Damon, unpretentious as always, nominated for The Martian, leaving
directly after the show to work on the new JASON BOURNE film WOO HOO !!!

Slyvester Stallone with his entire family of women, wife & daughters,
was very emotional.

Jennifer Lawrence in the most beautiful red dress & diamond necklace EVER.

Mark Ruffalo, one of my favorite actors, a very sweet & humble man, I think,
with his wife...I'm wishing him well.

the trend for the vulgar & loud comedy actresses does not make me happy at all.
so it's hard for me to believe so many people think they are funny.
do you think it's an age thing?

Leo.  well Leo talked about how difficult the weather was during the production of his film.
I may weaken and go see it in spite of the violence.

Harrison Ford looks like grumpy grandpa.

Kate Hudson.  Ohlala.  a pink jeweled bandeau, lots of midriff and a long slim pink jeweled skirt.
flawless.  she is flawless.

& Rob Lowe. what can I say.  he's gorgeous & his comedy show is hilarious.

Cate Blanchett the Great

Ricky Gervais is on now...he is the wittiest person on Earth, I think.

ok ok ok,
I see Brad Pitt, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Damon +++ in the audience...
I think I'll go watch, seriously watch.



hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Watching now....ooh la la!

La Contessa said...

Does she just knock your socks off and that hair cut!!!!!!!!!!
The jewels hanging down her back did you notice that?
No one can MATCH HER.........I did not see the beginning BUT GOSH that simple elegant dress those diamonds that hair her voice...............STUNNING!
Now, the FOX girl........the GOWN was PRINCESS PERFECT, but did you notice she kept pulling it out of her crack I would guess?Every time the camera panned her on the sidelines she was playing with the backside of herself!!!!Even my husband noticed that!EVERY SINGLE TIME!
The girl FUNNY DUO.........did not work for me.........and that LADY GAGA.UGH.
Who really blew it in my opinion was DENZEL WASHINGTON..........a little too much to drink I would say.His WIFE did a good job trying to HELP him out.............the kids looked horrified when he basically said NOTHING about receiving the AWARD.............
THATS ALL from ME for the moment.
I need to go study HELEN's hair maybe it's TIME for A CUT!
PS. Finally a new post from me........I had my AURA READ!!!!!Tell me what YOU think!!!

therelishedroost said...

I missed it but did tape cause I was watching good old Downton Abbey! I hope Ricky wasnt too out of control! xo K

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Elizabeth, I'm thinking the SAME thing about Helen's hair! I love it. And, which Fox girl, I don't know who that is. I think Leo made an amazingly good acceptance speech.
And, Denzel? Why on Earth did he bring his entire family on stage? HE knew he was getting this big award and then couldn't find his speech !!! So happy for Leo !! And very sad AMERICAN CRIME didn't win anything. But Matt Damon won, so I'm happy !!

Sally said...

Hi dear Marsha,
Im so happy your comment form is working for me again!
Your post is lovely, and I agree so much with you about the accomplished and beautiful actresses whose poise and dignity is to be admired( Helen especially)
I too find some of the comediennes most and I are from another era maybe? That old Hollywood glamour, Fred Astaire, Grace, Audrey, Elizabeth.

I love zsazsa's beautiful golden painting..did you know it was through her that I found you originally?
In my world, anyone named Zsazsa invites further enquiry..
need I say more ? :)

Much love to you
Sally xx

La Contessa said...

JAMIE FOXX's daughter!!!