Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter - Spring

today, as the Eastern side of the USA faces a major blizzard,  the first of our
very mild winter season thus far...

of course, I wanted to think about SPRING FASHION.



Neiman-Marcus says it like this

not just ladylike.
 Bohemian, beachy, flirtatious or sporty.
LACE can be anything for Spring.
day or night.

above, one of my favorites a French Connection
cosmic-beam embellished with lace & sequins,
found here at a very reasonable price.

Beaded Lace & Suede Espadrille, Coral

the lace casual shoe is a KEY PLAYER, just FYI
& the trend will carry forward into Fall as well.
the more casual shoe with the dress-up outfit...
making for a youthful look.

I know, most of us won't embrace this too much.
I had a client of a certain age come into the shop yesterday to pick up some of her altered
apparel.  she is flawless at all times.  but she had bought "tailored" jeans and more casual
pants, even though her normal attire is a designer dress, one which is seasonless & timeless.
yesterday the temps dropped all the way down into the high 30'sf & she was wearing her 
full-length mink coat.  

but, the point is that even she is changing her "look" to things more casual.

when I say "casual" I mean designer casual.
not jeans with rips, or sweatshirts from Target.

you know !!!

anyway, the lace is going to be BIG  going forward,
so go ahead and find something you will wear & wear.

I'm going to find some of those espadrilles.]
probably not Rene Caovilla ones 'cause they're expensive, but I'll find a pair for my budget
as I know they will be a staple in my wardrobe.
like these below, the Stella McCartney ones found  here at Neiman's

or these, from HERE
which we can definitely afford & aren't they wonderful !!!

so while we're all stuck at home over this very cold weekend we can think about



  1. Spring fashion is such a perfect way to escape from the cold for a bit. I love the last pair of shoes!


  2. YES to lace, I am always drawn to anything with lace...those espadrilles are amazing!!

  3. Love the color in those espadrilles, somewhere between pink and tangerine and sherbet.

  4. I love lace and those espadrilles! I need a pair! If you find a great pair do share.

    We have had a crazy two days here, snow, icy rain, 60 mile an hr winds and now more icy rain.

    Have a great weekend Marsha!

  5. The color on that Neiman-Marcus dress is just stunning. Definitely in my color palette. There's always something so elegant and lady-like about lace. Brides still want to be married in it. I know I was, many, many moons ago.

    We are absolutely buried under snow here on the east coast. Lots of time for good wine, good books and good thoughts.

    Cheers, M-T


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