Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Monday

congratulations to the Denver Broncos & Peyton in particular!!!
we had so much fun watching the game together,
except for the Beyonce show added in for whatever reason...

seems she introduced a new music video o the field.
for me. that was just too much, especially when she dressed like Michael Jackson
& even referenced the Jackson's noses...yuckola!

other good news:
this absolutely brilliant graphic designer has FIXED THE MUSIC PROBLEM !!


the discussion of the day....

will GiGi Hadid be the next Gisele Bundchen?
see below & let me know what you think.

not that Gisele is going anywhere, she's so big in luxury advertising campaigns worldwide & that's
not going to change anytime soon.
the photograpers say they love her so much because of her big personality, that she is
absolutely "electric."

this is hard to replace or duplicate isn't it?



Paris Pastry said...

I loved Beyonce's performance! Out of the box, extravagant.
I think Gigi will stick around for some time, whether she's the next Gisele... that remains to be seen.

Have a lovely day!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! I think Gigi is a beautiful girl, I hope we see more of her.

Emm said...

The New Yorker, which seems to be writing some of the best social commentary around, had an interesting take on the Beyoncé performance:
Kind of makes me wish I'd bothered to watch the game, after all.

La Contessa said...

BEYONCE...........NOT A WINNER especially with those thighs!
The best part of half time was the signs in the CROWDS must have been under there seats?!!IT WORKED!
AS for GIGI she is on the cover of FRENCH VOQUE...........NAKED!

annie v. said...

loved the game, but did not appreciate the half time show being used to make a political statement...

Lori Liu (aka Kieran's mama) said...

I loved beyonce! missed the michael jackson reference.