Thursday, May 19, 2016

A USA tradition, now in Paris ????

gourmet food trucks
in the neighborhoods in Paris,
fad or here-to-stay?

Gourmet Food Trucks in Paris
While the notion of fast food for all intents and purposes flies in the face of France’s culinary culture, gourmet fast food trucks serving anything from burgers and tacos to pulled pork and hot dogs have – against all odds – made it big in the capital. The question is – can they keep a foothold in Paris, firmly establishing themselves in this competitive culinary landscape or are they merely a lingering fad?

The gourmet food truck trend came originally from the United States and following remarkable success in London, arrived in Paris in 2011. Since then, stationary versions of popular food trucks such as Le Camion Qui Fume, Leoni’s Deli and Cantine California have been popping up to meet demand – indicating that the gourmet fast food trend is anything but fleeting.

Le Camion qui fume
Fancy one of the best burgers in Paris? Forget your posh napkins, tablecloths and seating, the Camion Qui Fume is Paris’s first American-style burger truck, run by Californian Kristin Frederick; and you only have to look at the long lines of salivating bobos to know that the burgers here are good. The secret lies in the ingredients: baker-made bread, top quality meat, hand-cut fries and real cheddar (for just €10). The truck’s nomadic concept is quirky too: driven to a different spot everyday (often place de la Madeleine, Porte Maillot, the Canal St-Martin, MK2 Bibliothèque and in front of the Musée d’Orsay), its whereabouts is confirmed just days before on the website and on the Camion's Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Lauren said...

I am all about the food trucks! I hope they are able to keep their footing in Paris!


Taste of France said...

There have always been food trucks, but mostly for quiche, pizza, roasted chickens. There's one across from my house on Fridays with specialities of Sète (and I am in the middle of nowhere in a village of 700 people). I even saw a truck not for food but for IRONING.
They are just expanding the options. Because what in France ISN'T gourmet?

Talia said...

Amen! I love food trucks! Wish my town had more of them!

Anonymous said...

Not not food trucks I hate eating off the sidewalk seating isn't provided

BlissBliss said...

Hi Marsha, I have been following your journey for awhile long before your evolution in changing your page, taking breaks, your travels, fun stuff you have been up to too! :-)....this is hilarious...(gourment) food trucks in Paris....interesting...... I wanted to mention, I have tried to get into your shop for sometime, I am not sure if it is on my end, I can't seem to get into your shop. Do you still have your shop? I have a great time visiting your page....:-))))

Our French Oasis said...

To th is day, the best pizza I have ever eaten was from a food truck in Provence, near Bandol in 2005! He only sold pizzas and like most pizza trucks had a real fire for cooking, with a little chimney, inside his truck. 11 years ago it seemed like such a novelty, now I see them everywhere, there is one in our village every Friday evening, there is a truck selling crepes in the next door village on Wednesdays, I pass it on my way to school, and they are always busy, I think they are definitely here to stay.

La Contessa said...

MY SON is operating 3 in CAPE COD this summer!!!!!!!

La Contessa said...


The enchanted home said...

Love is almost an oxymoron but a beautiful and intriguing one. ANOTHER reason to want to go back to my favorite city:) Hope you are well!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I never see food trucks here in Germany...but I am certainly not opposed to seeing one LOL