Friday, June 24, 2016

New Iconic Tote Bag

MANSUR GAVRIEL Women Tote Bags Brand Designer Bucket Handbag With Black Purse Lady Bag With Logo 2016 New Bolsos Femininas

Size:  15 1/3" High X  11 1/4"  Long X  6" Width

Black with RED Interior
genuine leather
6 available for PRE-ORDER
1st come,1st served
available within 3 weeks
if more are wanted we will re-order
great Christmas gifts for the girls aren't they?
$ 149.00
(this is a $600 bag at retail)
not counterfeit, never counterfeit on my site.
I would carry it myself, and will once they arrive.
if interested send email to
or call 713.679.1181
we accept all credit cards or can send you a PayPal invoice.

women handbag (6)

don't know what's happening at my new workplace, lots of problems getting merchandise for stock,
lots of problems with deliveries, we have NO technology, everything is done by hand, like back in
the 50's, paperwork X10.
lovely clientele, great Houston women who are very fashionable even if professional ladies,
and I so enjoy working with them.

how long can a retail store, new brand in the marketplace, keep doing things the old way when
technology is what's driving sales around the world in 2016?

I'm worried.



Anonymous said...

That's a scary business model, if I were in your job would suggest if they can afford it to get their business systems updated especially for inventory.

Laura Wilson said...

Perhaps they could hire a college student ro someone young who technology is like walking to square them up. Maybe they are scared of change instead of embracing it. I think having a business has kept me, out of simple neccessity, stay pretty current with technology.

Jennifer said...

Marsha, that is hard to believe! I don't think you can remain in business if you are not current. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than not being able to purchase a needed or wanted item in the correct size. Lots of women like to just browse and purchase spontaneously. If you don't have new merchandise to look at often, those people don't come back. I am working a few days at Adelaide's boutique and love it! Best wishes! Jennifer